THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE 💯 (Entries Closed)

ADMIN - @valiant_warrior

CO-ADMIN - @piyushchandak

From 23rd September, 2021 we will be having exactly 100 days before the year 2022 begins. This is our final chance to get a 3 digit streak this year.

There will be a DAILY CHECK IN for 100 DAYS :white_check_mark:

I made this challenge because, like you, I suffer from a terrible addiction, and I hope that it will motivate both you and me to be more accountable and overcome our addiction :muscle: :muscle:

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.”

:crossed_swords: Let’s get started :crossed_swords:


  • There is no room for PMO and edging
  • A nightfall does not count as a relapse because it’s not under our control
  • If you don’t check in for 3 days, you will be eliminated
  • A single relapse and your eliminated
  • To join the challenge, reply with your SHARING CODE and CURRENT STREAK
  • You can post memes and motivational quotes

:fire: POINT SYSTEM :fire:

Daily successful check in with no relapse give +1 point
Also, ranks will be given along with certain points as you reach specific number of days :crossed_swords:

1. Successfully reached 15 days - +10 points

Rank - General :dagger:


2. Successfully reached 30 days - +25 points

Rank - Expert :crossed_swords:

3. Successfully reached 50 days - +50 points

Rank - Master :dragon:

4. Successfully reached 75 days - +80 points

Rank - Grand Master :fire:


5. Successfully reached 100 days - +120 points

Rank - Wizard King :crown:

To make the challenge interesting we can challenge each other for minimum 3 days and maximum 15 days



:crossed_swords: SCOREBOARD :crossed_swords:

Participants Normal Points Duel Points
:crossed_swords:(E):white_check_mark: someBody13 (3c4rhx) +45 +35 +246
:crossed_swords:(E):white_check_mark: User1132Kazuma (i5yihn) +50 +35 +241
:crossed_swords:(E):white_check_mark: rewire_user (ko8y31) +32 +35
:crossed_swords:(E):white_check_mark: stayfrosty (1bso1p) +32 +35
:dagger:(G):white_check_mark: Ronin (ronin-san-05) +25 +10 +120
:crossed_swords:(E):white_check_mark: babi (daaf29) +32 +35 +120
:dagger:(G):white_check_mark: SAM0563 (rdgvy7) +20+10 +28


:x:CarryOn (s8f1jx)|+1 (eliminated)
:x: PapiPlayboy (qshe12)|(Inactive)
:x: Freeman1234 (oc0gg2)|+2 (eliminated)
:x:PerkyPanda (uom2fr)|(Inactive)
:x: achiver008 (bry447)|+7(eliminated)
:x: 22September2021(1ufc03)|+7 (eliminated)
:x: sameernehal (5jdpw2)|+2 (eliminated)
:x: Traxxab (14thrq)|+2 (eliminated)
:x: godsman (mcpwxl)| (eliminated)
:x:sammeena (mv62c3)|(Inactive)
:x:The.Second (2vtwcl)| +4 (eliminated)
:x: AwakenedSoul4321 (88zaxh)| +5 (eliminated)
:x: Varad (9cqqc8)| +1 (eliminated)
:x: nofapstar123(ea1v0q)|+4 (eliminated)
:x:Razz (1wo8km)|+1 (eliminated)
:x:batmanami (d9bcbh)|+7 (eliminated)
:x:Deeepp (s5ztpz)|(Inactive)
:x:TheBigSP (7gdf2f)|+1 (eliminated)
:x: BeDajin (l68p6h)|+4
:x:Namas (ffh5wj)|(Inactive)
:x:mahmudulhasan (mmhkn9)|(Inactive)
:x:fapstronautharn (8ods8l)|(Inactive)
:x: Forerunner (eoivgi)|+2 (inactive)
:x:Aman1 (rwxg04)| +2 (inactive)
:x: pankajj.sharmaa (q4d2e3)|+2 (inactive)
:x:gavingandy (91sobx)|+7(eliminated)
:x: kakka (u3ic76)|+13(eliminated)
:x: valiant_warrior (aeo22v)| +12+36(eliminated)
:x: Djalan (soq898)| +15+28(eliminated)
:x: Sandey|(Inactive)
:x:zitscx|+8 (inactive)
:x: kekaby (eu4v8a)|+8 (Inactive)
:x::dagger:(G)piyushchandak (1dm46a)|+21 +10|+90 (eliminated)
:x::dagger:(G)ysub (1bd86e)|+16 +10(eliminated)
:x::crossed_swords:(E)vedantshah005 (icnkli)|+31 +35|+120
:x::dagger:(G)souvikyk (255inm)|+25 +10|+120
:x::crossed_swords:(E)BlackMagic123(vwyesc)|+38 +35|+210 (eliminated)
:x::crossed_swords:(E)nfcompanion123(8c54ff)|+38 +35| +90 (eliminated)


:point_right: POINT SYSTEM :point_left:

Days If Both Win If One Wins
3 +6 +3
4 +10 +5
5 +15 +8
6 +21 +12
7 +28 +16
8 +36 +22
9 +45 +28
10 +55 +36
11 +66 +44
12 +78 +54
13 +91 +64
14 +105 +77
15 +120 +90


Challenger 1 :vs: Challenger 2 Days :+1:
babi :vs: vedantshah005 15 (11th Oct- 25th Oct) Babi wins(?)
BlackMagic123 :vs: someBody13 15 (31st Oct - 14th Nov) 4/15
BlackMagic123 :vs: someBody13 15 (4th- 18th Nov) 0/15

Challenges Finished

Challenger 1 :vs: Challenger 2 Days :+1:
nfcompanion123 :vs: User1132Kazuma 15 (24th Oct - 7th Nov) User1132Kazuma(Win)
BlackMagic123:vs: someBody13 15 (16th Oct - 30th Oct) both win
User1132Kazuma :vs: piyushchandak 15 (8th oct - 22nd oct) User1132Kazuma(Win)
User1132Kazuma :vs: Djalan 7 (26th Sept - 2nd Oct) Both win
zitscx :vs: SAM0563 7 (23rd Sept - 29th Sept) Both win
valiant_warrior :vs: someBody13 8 (23rd Sept - 30th Sept) Both win
User1132Kazuma :vs: VARAD 3 (23rd Sept - 25th Sept) User1132Kazuma(Win)
piyushchandak :vs: ChristianMan 15 (23rd Sept - 7th Oct) piyushchandak win
batmanami :vs: Forerunner 15 (23rd Sept - 7th Oct) Both lose
22September2021 :vs: AwakenedSoul4321 15 (24rd Sept - 8th Oct) Both lost
babi :vs: vedantshah005 15 (25th Sept - 9th Oct) Both win
SAM0563 :vs: someBody13 15 (1st Oct - 15th Oct) someBody13 (Wins)
souvikyk :vs: Ronin 15 (28th Sept - 12th Oct) Both Win
valiant_warrior :vs: BlackMagic123 15 (2nd Oct - 16th Oct) BlackMagic123 (Win)

I would join this!:wink:
SC: 9cqqc8
@valiant_warrior daily check might be a problem coz joined much challenges here don’t know about how much? But incase if we didn’t checked here you may tagged us :slightly_smiling_face:.


I am inviting @nofapstar123 @rewire_user @Adioz_aka_Adidas @Ash_Matt @Samaranjay @someBody13 @Nofap_beginner @ysub @hunterX @kakka


Guys how do I make the 2nd post editable by everyone?

Three dots, then wrench :wrench: button, but I think you have to be “regular” for doing that, otherwise @Ash_Matt can help


@VARAD your welcome bro but you have to check in at least every 3 days, you can change the notifications to watching for this challenge so you don’t forget about the daily check in.

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Okkk. Thank you !:blush:
I will do my best :innocent:

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Thanks bro. I guess I don’t have that option

You can invite anyone to join this challenge.
Everyone is welcome, together we will be able to reach our goal :crossed_fingers:

Im in
Add me bro

ea1v0q sharing code


I’ll let you know by 22nd if I am participating @valiant_warrior, I’ve got some serious thinking to do.

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Answering the call, count me in!

My current streak is 39 days and sharing code 3c4rhx

Just one thing - sometimes I’ll be away from the phone on weekends, so please count that in if my 3rd day of no check-in is on Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be back on Monday!

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Welcome @nofapstar123 and @someBody13
Let’s do our best :muscle::muscle:

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Surely bro no problem, take your time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m In for the Challenge
SC : 7gdf2f
CC : 1 Day

Everyone is added on the scoreboard.
Prepare yourselves for the WAR :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords:



Thanks for the invitation Bro…
Im in

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I’m in for this challenge,
Current streak- 7d
Sharing code - u3ic76

I have one doubt can we have to come here daily for 100 days and how to do checkin, I mean we have to write like day1 ??

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Share your code bro @ysub

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