Thanking the unsung heroes

Man, I seriously underestimated the nofap community. People are so warm (apart from a few assholes of course)
I’ve been going through my mood swings all the time, while others have been performing sincere duties. I specially would like to thank @SincereDev and @Mahesh27_03, as I observed them taking the responsibilities and doing them, even when they weren’t obliged to do so. I would like to thank others who are supportive when one person stumbles. They literally lift that person up. This is real family. Gotta love y’all.


Yes We are all Family. We are All here Because We are sincere enough to think about our future, We are all here are fighting against odds, Speaking against An addiction which WHO even doesn’t recognised yet…
From 21 July 2020 when I joined this forum and App, I felt somewhat different from past
I am here to Change myself, We are here to change ourselves

You shouldn’t forget @Taher, He is legend :pray:, Hats off to Him for providing such a wonderful Platform, Where our Family can unite :blush:


Sometimes I regret that Before July 2020 Someone told me about this forum😔
I wasted My whole Lockdown In fapping :frowning:

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I left all unnecessary platforms from my life. Just using Minimum of Messaging platforms and Nothing else.

Just whenever I take break for mobile I visited this app

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Yeah its very true… as a girl i can say that everyone is very inspiring and supportive here… i never had that kind of feeling on any platform… and yeah negative people are everywhere but @SincereDev also gave me tips too which are helping me… and im really thankful of this platform for restoring my faith in guys… and i really wish that everyone here will be more stronger,healthier and happier…


Thanks @Nep1234id and @shraddha for you kind words :+1::blush:… We are all here for same purpose everyone is contributing here, I am just contributing a bit from my side too.
This platform is really helping me to improve my writing skill :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for this. I try my best to help every person as much as i can. I myself is struggling with this.but i have deep faith in Krishna that one day i the King.i also found many great people here. Loved this platform a lot @Taher I dont earn. But soon i will start and will donate than.:confused::confused: