Thank you, my friends

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Hey! I just wanted to thank some people that are really supporting me!

Thank you @Ash_Matt!! You really gave me a nice welcome to this community!! It’s really fun to talk to you and even if I know you from 5 days I know I can trust you and talk with you!

Thank you @Gokura!! You gave me a lot of motivation and I would never relapse again thinking I could disappoint you!!

Thank you @Beachkidz! I know I can always talk with you if I need it! Irl I can’t talk about it with anybody . _. So really thank you!!

Thank you @Tagore and @_TIGER! You probably don’t know I exist but seeing you challenging, being so confident and having such high streaks is really motivational!

THANK YOU!!! :confetti_ball:


Thank you brother for those kind words :blush:
I’m glad you like the community, I do too! Yep, feel free to message me any time about anything, I’m cool with it :smiley:
That’s the amazing part of this community- the best brotherhoods are forged in the trenches of war. And we are at war- against PMO.
So let’s do this, together.

Mperare sibi maximum imperium est


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Thanks for appreciation but for that I am not going to be easy on you. Dont fall for failure, you are a leader, you have an army in your hand ( ) Everyday everyone struggling but they do their best because they dont want to disappoint you. You have the responsibility to fight along them, and give a hard fight. You know if leader falls everyone loose. You can not loose. Never…


And I’m thankful for that. I would never relapse with this responsability

Happy to be of some help to you brother. We all are together; you are a strong man and I’ll see you becoming the master of your life. Just keeping pushing hard.
Nothing in this world can stop you when you commit 100%
Everyday beat the shit out of pmo! Understand that each passing day that monster within you dying and you are growing stronger. Keep going :muscle::muscle::handshake::handshake:


I won’t disappoint you!! I promise I will be able to stop!!!


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