Thank you all, i appreciate all help

I cant, i dont have any friend and family to support me. Thanks for all help here, but its my time, i’ll kill myself (or not, i’m 100% suicidal right now) and be free of everything. Have a nice life, i hope all dreams in your life can be real.

sorry for the english, i dont care anyway.

here a nice music…

Bro, don’t give up, what is the point, trust me I’ve been there, when my girlfriend broke up with me I had no idea what I was gonna do, I even thought of suicide. But God has plans for you, even if you don’t know it yet, there is so much to be grateful for in life and so many things to enjoy, you can overcome this addiction and find peace and joy and love. Don’t give up, stay strong and stay with us! We want you around, you are a member of this community and therefore a brother in arms, and we never leave a brother behind


Dont you commit suicide , ride this pain out , remember there is always some plan for everyone , some one might still love you , might miss you (ur sibling , teachers , even your pet if you have one ) so dont give up , listen to calm music and treat urself by the hour till you feel better , NO SUICIDE☺


Brother please do not do it things will get better in time please Call 1-800-273-8255 they will help you. You have born In this life for a purpose you can’t just end your life like that. Trust me man please.


I have same suicidal thoughts.
I have masturbated 6 times just now.

We can become a family. I can be your friend , Your brother
Lets start again.

I have failed a 1000 times. Everybody fails before achieving success. Sexual Pleasure is the biggest Addiction. One who conquers it Conquers all.

There is 2 way of doing it.

  1. Trying again and again till we get success. No matter how long it takes. We should learn during the process and keep learning more about our addiction.
  2. Discipiline . Once we are on right path, we must keep ourself on the path without falling again to worldly web of pleasure.