Telling others about nofap

Yesterday I was talking to a room mate and I (sort of accidentally) told her I was doing nofap. The thing is, I have told a few more friends that I’m doing nofap and I haven’t really gotten weird reactions yet, just some “lol why would you do that”. But still, nofap is something out of the ordinary in todays society and I’m not sure how how smart it is to talk with ‘outsiders’ (people not familiar with nofap) about nofap. Sometimes I just feel the need to talk about it with people irl though…

What do you guys think? Have you told people about you doing nofap and how were the responses?


Yes, i talked about it to a stranger just few days ago.
He agreed that holding your juice increases your focus and life.

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I have also talked about it to my bff over phone. Although it seemed a bit funny to him but he supported me and praised me (knowing how much in the NSFL sh*t I was in).
The most important talk was with my father. although I didn’t directly drop the subject, but yeah during one of father son talks about my life and career, while hovering over some obstacles, I did put about how I was addicted and now I am not and been practising healthy way of life. He smiled and said, “Carry on”. so, yeah I gotta carry on.

Other than that, quite a few of my internet friends that I have been with over games- I’ve also talked with them, most of them chuckled :neutral_face: a couple of them lended support.
All in all, it was a positive response :+1:

I talked to a friend of mine who told me that pmo does nothing to a body , but gradually over 5 days he started thinking about it and he started no pmo , since then it has been 5 days 14 hours since he has not relapsed

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I talked with a couple of good friends. They’re guys like myself, so I think it was much less weird than it would’ve been if I had talked to a girl, although I might be wrong.
Both said that they wouldn’t wanna do NoFap because it’s not a priority for them at the moment. I think they just enjoy it, it doesn’t bother them, it’s not a pain in the ass, so they don’t wanna quit. I, for example, quit because each fap session would last like 2hours and it was just too much time to waste. That and the beta-male feeling that came afterwards.
However they were a bit surprised that someone would wanna NoFap, but they were supportive.
Fapping is natural, and a natural urge (animals do it, the problem’s the porn addiction), so I guess for them fapping is an indespensable part of life, they can’t imagine anyone living without some combo of pmo. But like I said, they were impressed and supportive.

Yeah it’s good thing spread knowledge of nofap & helping others to learn secret of man’s energy. Somehow I influenced many friends I dont know how many addicted & who is addicted but most of them respect that thing & except one who thinks its normal & healthy but unfortunately I preferred to giving no fuck is better because he is not listening even I told him twice.