Tell me why should I do nofap

Don’t gimme superstitions bullshit.
Don’t gimme confidence bullshit.
1 guy who has achieved his dreams blaming porn habits doing nofap, bla bla bla…
Just 1 person ( girl/ boy) any 1 come and tell me why the fkk should I do nofap.

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To me its mainly to control myself and to avoid something that consumes you if you let it. I have nothing particularly hard against sex or fapping. Just controlling.

Give try on it, after a week you will see difference in terms of mental and physical health.


You should ask yourself if you really need it. Without context, it’s hard to accurately respond to your question. People here are addicted to extensive watching porn and masturbation. People here bust a nut multiple times a day. This 5,10,15,20+ years routine deepened other life flaws of I believe everybody. Since I see youve downloaded this app there was purpose for that.


Lol tell me why i should watch porn? To please myself and teach my brain instant gratification? To be a loser and cover myself in my own semen alone? To watch another guy have sex rather than i do it myself? I’ll pass…


Sorry for being so pessimistic.
Pfffff it’s been a tough year. Even after trying everything still I’m not able to cure this stupid disease. I’ve literally Hurt my hands punching walls in anger. Sometimes I run 2-5 km continuously just to let my heart burn wishing I collapse out of cardiac arrest. I guess masturbation does increase your heart health -_-.
I’ve tried everything since last year, but to no avail. Read hundreds of journal entries. Watched many Ted videos. There is no aim in my life, no hope, no reason for fighting. The worst thing is that I don’t even know what I am doing here. The longest I’ve gone is 26 days 7 years ago. And 8 days a year ago.
This is the confession of an idiot who just talks and does nothing, is nothing, and maybe will always be nothing.

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Try it for a month.

What do you got to lose?

Are you tired of being mediocre yet?

Youll feel amazing if you can. You might feel like shit at first. But I promise eventually youll feel better. Find a purpose brother. What would you do if money wasnt a thing? This is what you must ask your self.

Heres reasons why:
Social skills / no anxiety
Higher testosterone levels
Harder erections
Bigger erections
Youll floruish in every aspect of your life, and youll build it much easier when this habit of pmo is gone.
More test = more gains
Your face will glow, and become more whole. I have been taking pictures of myself throughout this journey and i can see a difference in my facial structures. Its amazing how shitty i looked at one point, just by pmo.

Give it a shot bud.

The PMO make this to us.
Remove from us the drive to live.

Dopamine is the chemical inside our brain what reward us with pleasure. It get produced when we eat, and do things that give us pleasure.

With PMO, we have a BIG shot of dopamine. The rest of things on life can’t compete with it.
But the problem is that our brain is addicted on dopamine.

And the more PMO shots we take, less dopamine it receives, leading to us crave for more PMO, less dopamine, creating a loop and always leaving us less satisfied with everything, and then: life doesn’t matter anymore, nothing we can do is worth. We are worhtless.

Nofapn is for break that loop and to have pleasure in normal life again.

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Think in th woman and the terrible conditions that they are submited to work, doing porn If You practice, att Least, no porn u will helping the porn industry to fall down, because If there is no one to watch Will be no one to produce!

Dopamine is at the heart of the addiction problem. Most people don’t want to be addicted and pornography is just a means to the end. Even when one achieves the dopamine Rush it is at best temporary and comes with a price. The price is low self-worth for viewing fantasy trash that makes quality of life lower and lower. The body thrives on balance and dopamine is no exception. Balance requires discipline and self-control. Pornography never makes me happy, rather it produces depression. When I am walking in self-control for a period of time that is when I am truly happy. The key is getting past the craving withdrawal symptoms.

You should do nofap so you can, get more energy in your life and improve your life… That’s why

To answer your question in a word although it’s not that simple to put.

Because porn is fake. That’s not how the real sex looks like. Porn makes us objectify women. We begin to think that women’s are nothing but something we use it for pleasure which is needless to say SHITTY .

No Fap is great if you have goals and other things to focus on instead. I’m much more productive, outgoing, and confident even with only a week of no fap. There’s a mindset made strong by showing restraint and standing firm. I’ll argue that this isn’t true for only no fap, but in every area of my life where I stand firm against my desires, like buying a unecessary new computer or car. But I need goals. Without goals, I feel like it falls apart for me. Just a relapse waiting to happen.

This is going to take a religious turn, but I think this particular post goes deeper than nofap. If I’m wrong, by all means feel free to disregard the following.

I feel like I was in a similar mindset. I was raised Christian, fell out, now I’m rooted in again. I had, and still have, a negative outlook on life. If there’s no God, there’s no hope, no purpose, no point. I thought, “even if we accomplish everything we set our minds to, stretch out through the galaxies and fill the universe with life, it’ll still end up cold and dead on day.” Without God, I’m depressed, angry, judgemental, scared, selfish, anxious, and desperate. Thoughts of suicide were common, and no matter what I had, nothing satisfied me. I just wanted more. I strongly feel my porn use was greatly amplified because I just wanted some momentary comfort from a bleak outlook.

That’s not why I believe in a god. I can’t bring myself to believe something just to feel good.
That’s believing a lie, and I’d rather be miserable and follow truth than knowingly blind myself.

I believe in God, specifically the god of the Bible, because he makes himself known to me. I’m different with God. He really changed me in the best kinds of ways. If I follow him, I have hope, joy, peace, courage, and satisfaction, no matter how much or how little possessions I have. I forgive, give, and care about people so much more. I’m still a screw up, but a little less of one each passing day I walk with him.

There’s a part in the Bible where Jesus is speaking to a crowd and says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Give Jesus a try. A real try. Pray, read a Bible, hit up a local church, and keep doing it. God won’t disappoint.

You’re not dead yet. There’s still breath in your lungs, which means there’s a fight in you still. Get up and fight. And if you fall, get up again. And again. And again. Each time a little stronger. Each time burning a little brighter. There’s a chance for victory. A new day. A new life.

So fight.

And if you want another gun in the trench, I’ll gladly offer mine.


Try not for temporary take it serious and comit that i would not do in my life time…u are ysing like i will not masturbate for certain in my life after achieving success in my life i will masturbte dont do for temporirly if it is u will relapse one day make it longterm goal that u will not masturbate ur entire life