Tell me how your day is going 🔥

Thank you. Let’s work like a team and fight while try to not lose. Sometimes avoiding a certain defeat is considered as a win. I hope that we communicate with one another from now on as friends to help each other becoming a warrior against this Evil energy.
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21 days completed

It feels good. As your days passes, it becomes easier for you to tackle urges bcz the hormones which causes sexual stimulus decreases in your blood and you dont get morning erection and other erection due to various stimulus promoted by internet society.

I am happy for me for my achievement but i cant say about future, i will try to not fap till 1 year.
Bcz these urges can only weakens with nofap journey but will never vanish bcz you are a human, and reproduction is in-built mechanism for confirming the continuity of human species.

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Day 1:
Had relapsed yesterday. But trying to be strong and to move forward. Urges where strong. let’s see what happens.

Have a productive day folks.

23rd day:

Wet dream. But its good for me. Now i am a little relax from past days irritation.

I dont know why but i am feeling powerless from some days.
Feeling lazy :expressionless::expressionless:

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Day 2:

Lots of office work had a productive day. Today did put myself in uncomfortable situation feeling good about it. Situation was to talk to new people did that. Thinking to keep being in such situation will help me develop as a an individual.

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24th day:

After crossing such flatline in which you have no desire and will to do anything.

But i even study for 8 hours daily, and now i feel more energetic and now i can increase it to 10 hours.

There is lot of competion in NEET exam to get dream college.
But i will do that this year.
In previous year, I got 24000 rank among 1.5 million students.
And this time. I wll do better to get admission in my dream college AIIMS/KGMU in INDIA.
Hoping for best and now moving to my new life.

Now i can say that i am migrant to new life even at 24th day bcz app does not define your life and your behaviour.


I dont know why you relapse frequently again and again.
Dear you should control your desire and stop searching hapiness in porn.

That is fake and photoshopped and even merge of several day porn to fool you as 1 time porn.
That is fake. Fake to fool you. Read these screen shots.

Sit in a quiet place and then thunk about it


@GettingHope I get this bro. Lack of relationship in my life is the problem for this. Porn entered my teen age life and destroyed me. Porn gave me escape from reality. And it started destroying me personally. I was naive at that time. But somewhere inside I knew this was the cause. I had approached woman but relationship was always unsuccessful. I started to self pity. But then what can I do. I can only try. I wish I have never fallen into it. But what will a person do if whole society and media fooling young man to do fapping. It’s that I know it’s bad but I’m trying. . Porn is like a drug to man. Similarly for woman social media is a drug for them. Only way to get out of this is to believe in yourself.

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Hmm yes bro, u r truly right.

Try and do you best. And never leave the battlefield. No matter you fall or rise, matter is you r in battle against yourself.
If you stopped then your shadow will defeat you.

I m also trying from 6 months but my average streak was 18 to 20 days.
Only last streak and recent are better then previous all.

Brother, dont be sad. I m also faced a lot of pain of loneliness and i know what it feels like.
But why you want only gf. Search something else rather than this. Like spend time with your friends, and trust me, nothing make you happy than your best friends, even they abuse you in sarcastic way​:rofl::rofl:.

Pet a dog or cat. Meet your parents and talk to them for any topic.

Help someone and get their wishes.

I know it cant fulfill your loneliness (amplified by porn) but trust me, when you decrease your porn consumption then you will feel less lonely.

And sex is not the 1st priority in relationship.
1st priority is accepting someone completely and taking care of her selflessly.
I met a girl and i was her friend then best friend then helper selflessly and then i realised that she is best for me.
I proposed her after 2 and half years of frienship. And yet i never touched her.

And main thing is that she is not so fair, have eyesight problem, have thyroid problem too(getting obesity due to lack of exercise and hypothyroidism) but still i love her and she loves me more than herself.

When someone removes just one condition from his criteria of selecting someone for him then he will start seeing goodness of people. And that one thing is beauty.

Todays media and cosmetic industry promotes that beauty is everything but that is fakest lie.

I dont know why i tell you these wastefull words. But now i will not edit it​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

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And the last 5 months I used prostitutes as a substitute for PMO. After a while it starts to feel as bad as pmo. It’s just the same thing. Sex with prostitutes is fake as pmo, just mechanical motion. I’ll stop doing it from today


26th day:

Nothing special. The only problem i faced is pimples​:unamused::unamused:.
As my testosterone rises as i get pimples.
I think i should start extra care of my skin.

By the way, my mind started to whisper in my ears constantly to watch porn just one time.
But i refused easily🥲.
My mind saying to watch just a clip, bcz that gives me falls happiness, but i know that if i started then my mind will re-trigger its pathway and will again conquer me.

But not this time​:muscle:t3::muscle:t3:. My power against my own brain is time gap. As time gap increases as my strength.
Now its my turn to slave my mind.

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Day 6:

Nothing as a feeling of now. Have little bit of anxiety and overthinking things. Need the brain to get back to balance state. Hopefully will try to have a good productive day.

@GettingHope have also failed multiple times because of one clip thing. Don’t not watch it brother one clip will make you to relapse. It’s like a demon telling you to fall because you are in the right path. Keep moving forward bro.

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Day 11
No urges at all
And feeling a lot better and my memory is getting better

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But my routine is worst.
I just masturbated, not on porn.
I controlled but i failed.

Now i blocked all browsers for whole night, and my big bro entered passwod in 8t, so i cant use anthing in night.

Night is only for sleep. Most if tge time, when i waste my time, then i regret and again wasrmte my time and tge end was masturbation :pensive::pensive:.

I am working to tackle this.
Added exercise to my schedule.

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Day 1 : badly failed on the same shit. Watched porn on the phone. At night only way to avoid this is to sleep early. I messed up today.

Download digital detox and whitelist some apps and set to 1 week.
Then you will be habitual to sleep early.

I also fap due to late night wasting of time.
But i am cured now.

I m on 10 minute break given by app.

I m on 4 days goal.
I studied 12 hours today​:partying_face::partying_face::trophy::trophy::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

And also download stay focus to block digital detox

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