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Every single day when you wake up. Put a positive comment about your day and how you are feeling.

Follow the following pattern in comment.

Day 1:
----- Your Comment ----

Open your heart guys and put it out here. I promise you’ll feel little bit better every day. Fap feeds on you when you are quite about it. Show that you are not ashamed of it. We all fell into this unknowingly. Cause media and society does not want strong man. Cause controlling weak man is easy. We need to show that our will are stronger and all my brother man will rise out of it. Sucess will come you be patient.

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Day 2:
Feeling good inside.
Having a great day of productivity stay strong man.



Relapsed today problem is I saw it even when I know it is bad. Guys help me. This will spoil me bad shit.


Day 2:
Once you fail it is hard to get up.why am I doing this shit.

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Find the trigger where all starts and you have a choice in your hand whether you wanna relapse or not.
Btw I am also struggling with same day. Can’t pass that day… But every single time I try harder and try different plan to work this out.


Dont panic dear. I think you are seeking something in porn. Try to search that in your real life. Make a goal to impress your crush😁. Like body building or making distance from porn to make space for a real person that will love u more than that shitty photoshopped porn girl.
Dont pysh yourself too hard that will demoralise you.

Firstly target present day only. And make your bysy routine. And just try to postpone that urge. You have to prioritise your life and health than cats poop(porn)
And i suggest to download more than 3 such reboot type app. And when you feel urges tgen just open those app and compete others. Neither choose best competitor nor worst. Just your type and just front of you.

Tou can dear as i did.
I am struggling from last year.
Some overcome in their first time and some relapses again and again. But trust me, days not matter. What matter is to make you able to control your urges.

So try to control your urges just one time okay. Just one time.
And if you can do it one time, then you will do it other time too.

Dont hope fir no urges at all. Bcz that is disease​:grin::grin:. You are healthy thats why you are feeling such emotions geneeated by your emotional brain, which control most of the people.

Dont worry dear okay.
I tell you my story. I relapse again anaf again and again. But i dont want to quit it at some corner of my mind. But one day i tell my gf that i am porn addict and she not talked me for tht day​:pleading_face::pleading_face::pensive:. That hurt me a lot bcz i was thinking that she will leave me. But not. She recieved my vall finally. I regret about it and i breakdown​:pleading_face::pleading_face:.
That day is last december.
But from that day, i decieded to leave this shit. I tried and relapse, but not stop. I tried again, just same duration but i feel low urge.
Again and again…again, now my last streak was 53 days. And recent running streak is 17 days yet. But this time is something changed.

So my dear friend, you can also control it.


Thanks guys for this encouragement it helps a lot when you are able to talk to people. My problem is that I give in to urge saying it is one time only that’s where I failed need to control that. I will do it. I had reached once 40 days after that relapse it has been bad streaks. I mostly fall on weekends. I don’t watch it on phone problem is laptop. Any good porn blocking software that you guys use? Our any advice that I can use on weekends.

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Day 1:
It’s been 8 hours since relapse getting some bad dreams of porn in the brain. I feel pain in my head mostly because of edging. My left brain seem paralysed. And urges are coming. Have To focus my brain on something else. Every time I feel porn has eaten some part of my self. Because of that I avoid taking to girls. Trying to escape reality with a f"** screen shit. Need to become stronger.

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Day 18:

I am feeling no urges at all. Its only my desire to entertain me from watching porn.
It is the cause which failed me. But this time i will not seek shelter in porn. I will do other thing except porn like i tries to talk my bestie or my gf or i use youtube or i play pubg​:grin::grin:.
But i will not use porn as a solution of something bcz porn is a lie and not reality. Reality is my life and my friends and family.


Keep going brother we will together free ourselves. Stay strong my man.:fire:

Do share your code brother will add you in my companion.

My code: powb5j

-day 82-

I tried to make a compliment for a co worker and felt deliberately ignored, but didn’t let it ruin my day because she isn’t god. I felt the effects of when god isnt with you, just relapsing and being so sure it wont happen again.

If that was a test then i passed it.


Yeah, it hapoens sometime.
I was so sad tomorrow due to some reason. Even so sad that i cried. But i not watch porn etc bcz i told all my problem to someone who understands me. And then i feel like i released all of my pain.

Thats why family and friends are so important.

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Day: 2

Today I am feeling very lazy. My brain is numb today. I have still pain in my head. My body feels as if I have lost all energy. Still will try to stay strong today and keep moving forward that’s the only path I see. Let’s see what happens today.

It is a good thing that people are posting about there day. Open your heart guys and put it out here. I promise you’ll feel little bit better every day. Fap feeds on you when you are quite about it. Show that you are not ashamed of it. We all fell into this unknowingly. Cause media and society does not want strong man. Cause controlling weak man is easy. We need to show that our will are stronger and all my brother will man rise out of it. Sucess will come you be patient.

19 day completed:

Recently i was about to watch porn. But then i told all of my pain to that person for which i am here.

Since i had promised her that i will never watch porn again. But today i told her that i m in pain. As u release all of my emotions then after talk i was like there is no urge at all.

Yeah, as you pass days as your control over urges increases.

I was really in the mood to satisfy evil inside me. But i just cries at me that i m so addicted.
Its better to cry before than after watching porn.
I dont want to break my promise​:pleading_face::pleading_face:.

You people should also tell your pain to someone, and you cn also promise to yourself. And dont break promise to yourself.

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Can you help me out as a friend because I want to change for someone I love… I promised her I will control it…because I told her. Yet I couldn’t control the urge and did it even hours ago watching porn. Please your reasons for change is similar to mine. The person I love told me I am a good person… Don’t want to break her trust on me. So, please tell me how can I connect with you here because I am new and please help me to move forward and help me control this monster bro.
I am guilty and ashamed of myself… I am a person who is friendly but I want to be friendly to myself as well. And this urge is making me my enemy. I regret doing this to me… I even broke a promise hours ago doing that what I told my love that II will control but couldn’t. I am desperately seeking for help. And because we have something in common so I hope you will understand me. Thank you.


Very excited to start my new journey to change my life, to become more disciplined and more will plower. I hope God helps me in this journey.

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Day 3:
It’s been so far so good today. Have lot of office work to do. Infact I talked with some office girls too. Got little boost of confidence. Feeling a little bit better. Had urges during last night which was strong but did say “NO” to those urges and went for good sleep. Morning so far no urges. Hoping to have a good productive day ahead. Hope you guys also have a great day ahead. Whenever you guys feeling down or having a bad day or something some pain in life bothering you put a comment over hear and we guys will help each other out. Together we will move out of this.

Welcome @GettingHope @draggerd @aashutoshjha3663 and @Infinitem .
@Infinitem don’t worry about anything just try to focus on today instead of 90 days. To get out of guilt and shame only method is to forgive yourself. What have passed don’t focus on it. Try to put your mind on things that are important to you or something you are passionate about. Go for a walk once in a while. Try to create some hobbies or focus on some life goals. Try to learn something or dance on a music stay away from phone or laptop.
I have found some methods to block porn or other things on laptop and phones sooner will share those ideas too with you guys. You can also add me as your companions.

My code : powb5j


Thank you so much for your wonderful advise…i just loved it & much more determined to quit this addiction