Telegram is the culprit

yet again its proved that telegram is massive media for PMO apart from good availability. Its more on Con side than Pro.

It’s not, it’s a medium of sharing content and communicating with people. By that logic one can say a web browser is the culprit because it can open p**nhub.
We need to control ourselves and choose what we want to see.


I strongly disagree, when in comparison to other social media apps such instagram or Facebook which are almost a semi-po*no website, promoting LIES to the world, Telegram is by far safest form of communication.

  • It has stringent anti-pornography rules. You can report the groups, if you found someone’s Sharing po*nographic content
  • It’s completely private
  • You don’t get to see stupid statuses which you see in other platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. That makes your life to live my h peaceful rather giving a fu*k about what’s going in the other people’s life that upsets you. Focus on your life first.

You just need to stay away from the shady unproductive groups. Just exit them right away.

However, no disrespect to your opinion, if you feel like you’ve been falling, you need to be aggressive in eliminating sources that makes you relapse or fall in. Just do it for the first 30 days atleast for God’s sake, will ya ! If that includes keep giving up TV , movies, internet etc., Let it be. Trust me it’s worth it.

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