Team Deathmatch Challenge


:crossed_swords:Team Number 1​:crossed_swords: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::0)

:guardsman:‍♂TimTheodore (:fire:FRONTRUNNER​:fire:)

:crossed_swords:Team Number 2​:crossed_swords: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::0)

:guardsman:‍♂Aj6900 (:fire:FRONTRUNNER​:fire:)

"Two new teams are joining the battlefield, to fight each other to the end, all members of both teams already fought their way out of the prison and are fighting since one or many weeks. TimTheodore Frontrunner of Team 1 has an incredible streak of :fire::warning:63 days​:warning::fire:.
Aj6900 Frontrunner of Team 2 has a streak of :fire:39 days​:fire:. "


:crossed_swords:Team Number 1​:crossed_swords: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::0)

:guardsman:‍♂oreoteddy16 (:fire:FRONTRUNNER​:fire:)

:crossed_swords:Team Number 2​:crossed_swords: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::0)

:guardsman:‍♂TrYHard999 (:fire:FRONTRUNNER​:fire:)

“Like expected no losses on both sides, this is going to be a long battle, very exciting, anything can happen. I wish good luck to both Teams, keep it up​:clap::muscle::triumph:!!!”

“SPECIAL RULES FOR TITANS​:loudspeaker:: If a Titan dies, he will fall very very deep, that means of you die in Titan league you are out of the Team and the league, you can’t respawn​:triumph::+1:


The battle of the prisoners has begun, they are going to fight a way out of this :chains:slavery​:chains:!! They are fighting for their lifes!! Here they are​:loud_sound::

:chains:Team Number 1​:chains: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::1)


:chains:Team Number 2​:chains: (KILLPOINTS​:skull::1)


“First losses on both sides”


:chains:Team Number 1​:chains: (KILLPOINTS::skull:4)


:chains:Team Number 2​:chains: (KILLPOINTS::skull:8)


“If it continues like this Team Number 2 will get an easy win, but maybe Team Number 1 makes a Comeback? Everything can happen we can’t know, it stays exciting!”


Team Number 1 (KILLPOINTS::skull:0)


Team Number 2 (KILLPOINTS::skull:1)


“Two new Teams from the prison”

Note: If you relapse you die and the enemy Team will get a killpoint, but you will respawn directly. The team who reaches 10 points first will win. Except if the whole team relapses in the same day​:coffin::skull::coffin:, then the opposite team will win

Good luck​:pray: time is running​:clock1::running_man:‍♂ try to survive as long as possible​:clock830::fire::clock5::fire::clock130::fire:

Ps: If you want to participate in a TDM send me a request and add #match in your status😉


Can I be in …put me in challenge …I didn’t know about this challenge…

#Match me also in this challenge