Taking the thought captive

Today I ignored my urges by running away from them. I just did anything and everything else. At first I felt like I wasn’t addressing the issue, but I just realised that I didn’t give it a single place in my thoughts. Boom! Still going strong at the end of the day.
The Bible explains a similar idea (in 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 for those who are interested) A thought is the only way Satan can stimulate your desire. Whether it has room to grow or not is left to you. A thought grows into an imagination which then turns into reasoning. That’s the area you gotta watch for because a ‘logical argument’ is so compelling:
“But I can’t do anything else without doing this first”
“I have to do it and get it out of my head”
“I need this”
Sound familiar? When it comes down to the brass tacks, it’s just an excuse. Don’t let that reasoning turn into a stronghold that’s got you in its jaws. Say no to the thought before your imagination runs away from you and you’re still ahead of the game. The battle is in your mind.


It takes a while but eventually thinking about something else is better. We drift when we fantasize and that leads to temptation.

Sometimes we even plan our relapse in the future :crystal_ball:.