Taking responsibility and Speaking out truth

I’m choosing to take responsibility. When I fail it’s because I’m being short sighted, weak willed and rebellious. If I fail within a week I know I’m not trying.
After a decent length of time (a week or 10 days for me :frowning: … ) the pressure to fail heightens it can feel irresistible and inevitable. ‘I have no choice!’ I might think but that’s simply not true.
It’s just that much more difficult to resist and why battle all day if a quick wank can solve it?
But again faulty thinking that quick wank will lead to another not so quick wank later on or the next day then I’m back in the frequent relapse binge cycle. In fact did I ever get out of the porn addiction cycle?? Actually no I didn’t. I used to think ah I haven’t failed for ages I must be cured! Another incorrect pattern of thinking. The app has proved to me that I am indeed an addict.
All this might sound negative but it’s not. It’s honest brutally honest.
The more brutally honest the better how else can I solve a problem I downplay or deny?
But recently went to a freedom in Christ course what I took away from it is the stronghold buster technique I use on the FIC app. Speaking truth to a lie in fact multiple lies I have believed (in fact we all believe lies and have faulty thinking I’m sure)
I haven’t done a stronghold buster for porn but there is an example in the book which I can share
It’s relevant particularly for Christians as it uses scripture to demolish the lie and proclaim the truth and the truth needs repeating every day for about 40 days until it finally finally sticks…

Example below:

The lie: that I cannot resist the temptation to look at porn

Effects in my life: deep sense of shame, warped sexual feelings, unable to relate to others as God intended, harmful to a marriage

Scriptures Rom 6v11 - 14
1 Cor 6v19
1 Cor 10v13
Gal 5v16
Gal 5v22 - 23
Best to write these scriptures out

I reject the LIE that I cannot resist the temptation to view porn. I embrace the truth that God will always provide a way of escape when I’m tempted and I will choose to take that way of escape. I announce the truth that if I live by the Spirit… self control will grow in me. I count myself dead to sin and refuse to let sin reign in me or be my master.
Today and every day I give my body to God as a temple of the HS. I declare the power of sin is broken in me. I choose to submit completely to God and resist the devil who must flee from me now.

Declare all of this for 40 days and tick off each and every day.

And that’s it the example given in the book.
Obviously tweak it to your liking… even if you have no faith/ religious beliefs I think you could still use this method just tweak accordingly. The power is in declaring truth over lies.

Christians look up the FIC (freedom in Christ app) for stronghold buster feature and lots to read and watch on there.


Brother, this sounds like a profound step in the right direction! Remember that the enemy’s only tool to harm our souls is temptation, and with this new strategy, you are reclaiming your power back from him with GOD’s Help.

GOD bless you and be with you in your journey my friend. I declare that the cycle is broken and you are set free!


This is such an awesome post I had to bookmark it :pray: somethings are worth re-reading and meditating upon