SurfingTheWaves Trigger Diary



Whenever I feel triggered and want to relapse I will write my thoughts here.


I woke up in the middle of night wanting to look at porn but after a few minutes I fell asleep. There was a urge this morning but so far I haven’t relapsed. This might be a though day though.


This a genius idea… Are other people allowed to join in?


Thanks… I did set it up as my journal but you could always make your own trigger journal in another thread. Anyone can comment on the thread with their thoughts though.


I wasn’t able to get through that one. Ended up relapsing and have had a few relapses since then :frowning_face:


Went onto Skype today and since I hadn’t used it in a long time there still the old messages from my ex. Her new profile photo was that of her with her now boyfriend and it upset me. I had a strange urge to masturbate to photos of her. Hopefully this will pass cause I want to leave this behaviour behind.


It sounds like ex-girlfriend - - >trigger. It might be a good idea to not see her profile in Skype.


Yeah I blocked her on Skype… In fact I deleted the app - I was just curious to see what was going on with it.


It’s bad. I have financial difficulties and that making me stressed out and I’m tempted to look at porn in order to get away from the stress. Sometimes I think porn is the only thing that is going to be the only thing that’ll get me through this extremely difficult time.