Support group for us who need it!


I would like to make a group for us who would like to give eachother daily support! I’m 24 years old guy who has been studying psychology and treatment for addiction. I have been sober for over 2 years. you can call me Clarence :slight_smile:

What app would be good to use? Snapchat can be triggering so another app would be great! Any suggestions?

if you guys are interested I will give you a walkthrough of my rules, they are guidelines for us to become or stay sober. rules for example

  • we respect eachother private life and do not spread information about eachother
  • no flirting with eachother
  • no disrespectful language
  • no graphic language when we are describing feelings/thoughts on different topics and so on.

I would be so happy if WE made a group together.

Age,gender or sober length is not a problem or issue for me. it’s all about support and friendship! I hope


Stay away from Snapchat. it’s a trigger app.

That’s true, for me it never has but good comment :slight_smile:

Hello Clarence! I’m Joshua :wave:t5:

I’d say a great app to make a group is Telegram, there are excellent features and anonymity is protected.


Make a Telegram group. It’s awesome. Anonymity is protected very well.

(Joyful January 2020 - Telegram Accountability Group 🤝)

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Hello! I downloaded the app! How do I add you guys who are interested? :slight_smile:

Hello! :slight_smile: Awesome! Thank you!

You can share the group link here on the forum.

I’m sorry but I can’t find it on the app :frowning:

It should look something like this:

Hey, I’m using Telegram to chat. Join me! Download it here:

Tjere we go!:heart_eyes: