Suggest me what to do

I have been strictly following nofap for last 2 months,last night I had to deliberately relapsed to avoid getting frustrated and headache… I’m appearing for GATE exam this year and have been preparing hard for the whole year,now I don’t wanna get broken…
I was getting headache,and mental retardation, that’s why I wanted to give my brain a mental boost so that I can focus on studies like before…

Is it good to relapse sometimes,I didn’t watch p### ??
Now I’m pissed off after doing m***.

Plz guys wish me for my quick recovery :pray:



Two months is already a solid period. You can’t sacrifice your exam and your future due to nofap. The exam is a priority. It’s hard to push in two different directions. Ask yourself, could you prepare effectively enough without relapse? If no, it is fine to loosen some less important things when you entered the period when you need maximum concentration on the priority.

Don’t go into uncontrollable mess legitimizing your preparation. But be confident, cold and pragmatic and do what it takes to pass the exam and move forward. Once it is passed you will be able to consider your nofap as a priority and behave in accordance with that.

Good luck with your preparation and on the exam.

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Thanks brother/sister… after relapsing I again gained focus and energy to start again…Nofap is a dangerous things,when you are high streak,the body wants you to have sex,it is natural and you are running against your body needs…

Thanks again bro

Was a pleasure to help.
Your bro

What happened to isro interview results bro? And what about the course you were doing from MIT?

There are arguments for both sides bro. What you choose to believe in makes all the difference


Unfortunately I couldn’t able to make into ISRO,I had high expectations…They mostly hired IIT Mtech people…now my focus is to crack GATE now


Sorry to hear that bro, keep working!

Same here

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