Suggest me some apps to lock apps

I again relapsed…by deleting the application app which was put by my brother to youtube,chrome, browsers…

Tell me some applock which cannot be deleted unless knowing the password ( as I don’t know the password and others knew it?)

This answer will be very helpful for me in this no fap journey

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Don’t do any thing just ask your bro to lock all the apps which is unnecessary…

And remember this (unknown guy wrote this)
If you really want to better yourself ,choose Nofap and just do it , don’t just come here begging for help and eventually you go back to that same shit, until you make up your mind you will never do it , see bright side ,take your time and just do it , relapse happens that’s the way of things , you get up and try harder and NEVER make SAME MISTAKE AGAIN.


I found this app best. AppBlock - Stay Focused (Block Websites & Apps). I would suggest buying the premium version. You can’t uninstall it nor you can open the settings in the strict mode.

BlockerX is also good but that may be more expensive but I’m not sure.


Don’t buy premium version of stay focused app.
You can just install it from apk4all website for free.


Lock me out works best for me. It’s very strong app.


Just read this post before you proceed with any app.
You may get the idea which is better to try…

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