Suggest me 1 Anime Series to watch as a Newbie

So tommorow i will be travelling for whole day, so i need a recommendation about any Anime series and where to download it for free.

Note - I never watched any Anime.

Except Dragon Ball Z :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

@Samaranjay @pingpong1 @Binocular @Risinglion123 anyone??


Naruto , Hero Academia , One punch man , Death note , Demon Slayer and One Piece

These are the anime I watched till now. Samaranjay is an expert :joy:. You may ask him for more list.

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You can start with death note. Just my suggestion. Its your choice. Its the anime I found more relatable with.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s a good topic :ok_hand::fire::fire::fire:

Anyway, I would recommend this one video if you want:

Yup, it’s Goku vs Saitama all 3 parts. It’s an existing fan animation if you want.

Btw why did you create a whole topic about it? :joy: You could have simply asked us in personal messages or in other posts cause in the end, Need advice is regarding PMO addiction bruh


Watch demon slayer for starter.

Or you can watch deathnote (my first anime )

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Idk who can give me the suggestion.

I didnt found any suitable thread for it. Lol.

It will help me not think about that. So… Who cares?:joy:

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Now tell me where can i download these for free?:joy: which is more imp


There is an app called anime tv available in Play Store where you can get majority of anime for free.



20 :+1: characters best website for watching anime


Same suggestion by me … :relieved::relieved::relieved:


Well since you are new, start Deathnote, everyone starts their anime journey with Deathnote :joy:.

Telegram is best source for animes, it has literally every anime, just search the name and you’ll get.


Try animixplay bro you will change your mind :star_struck:
Before i also used telegram

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My internet wont work properly in train. So i have to download.

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You can download from there too🤷

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Oh is it that good, nice I’ll give it a look.


Death note, todomachi game, code geass - psychological anti-hero MC

Dungeon of the black company, beelzebub, grandblue (some jokes are 18+ in this) - Comedy

Attack on titan, darker than black - Action

Honorable mentions

PARASYTE, VINLAND SAGA, PLATINUM END (death note writer), CHAINSAW MAN ( recently launched)

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