Sugar cravings out of the blue

So I’ll put it this way, I’m not much of a fan of sweet stuff. I prefer spicy and savory stuff a lot more.

But last few days have been a bit weird.
I’m craving sugar a lot. By lot, I mean a lot.
My desire for sweet and juicy fruits (eg. watermelon, muskmelon, grapes etc.) has gone too big.

I happened to eat around 1/2 kg grapes by myself, and I’m not much big guy.

I have been drinking sugar water all these days, at least a glass every afternoon.

But today I crossed all the limits. My cravings hit a all new high and I went on to drink several glasses in one setting (flavored it with lemon :lemon: too, it was damn good lol)

Is it possible that as I’m getting rid of one addiction, the brain is wanting to compensate it with some other gratification?

Oh yes, I also ate a lot of candies last night.

Would also have to add, the cravings show up after I have finished my workout as well. They almost always do it like that.

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Bro, craving lemonade in summer is the most normal thing ever. If you’re craving gulab jamun & jalebi, we might have a problem there. Also, fruits are the best kind of sugar so not an issue unless you’re trying to lose weight. Avoid refined sugar and things sweetened with corn syrup (which is basically every packed food that is sweet).


I don’t even like them much. Gulab jamun I can eat a bit, jalebi is a complete no. Those sugar syrups are too much for me.

On the contrary, I have to gain weight :joy::joy:

I fell in love with fruits months back, after a workout I happened to eat a banana. And with all the “feel good hormones” I was having at that time, eating that banana made my head explode (not literally :joy::joy: but like they show in the ads yknow). This is coming from a guy who actually disliked them for his whole life up until that moment. Since then I’m in love with bananas. This love has extended to other fruits too it seems.


I’ve been mixing it with water and drinking every afternoon though. The store bought refined sugar.

and last night I finished the candy stash too.

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I know bro. Lemonade is best when sweet so you can excuse yourself there, especially in the summer. But if you really wanna go healthy, you can go with jaggery to sweeten your lemonade. However, I prefer my lemonade with refined sugar. And I’m on the skinny side so I can let that slide.

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Well yeah I made it today. The last few days is where I just mixed plain sugar with water. And it was also good. That’s why I’ve been speaking of this craving. Idk why was it happening.
I’m also on the skinny side so I guess it’s good


Just keep exercising daily and don’t let the sugar consumption spiral out of control. From what you’ve told so far, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.


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