Suffering from premature ejaculation

Hi guys,
I am 27, I have a girlfriend and eveytime we have sex or we do forplay, my arousal go through the roof.
I cannot even last more than 10 seconds sometimes and other times 20 seconds.
I do not imagine any kind of porn scenario, I focus on the moment and sensation, I tried to Breath deeply and slowly, but nothing works.
After one orgasm the next day I don’t really want sex…

I have tried kegel exercices a bit. Maybe my problem is related to tight psoas muscles or other muscles in that area, it’s my theory.

Anyway I could really use your help, advice on how to deal with this. And I be happy to have support from people who have suffered from this or have overcome this.
And even if you have not fully recovered or you are still suffering from this, I will welcome your advice.
Thanks :wink:


I want to share with you my story :

My situation was worse than yours. My dick used to fall asleep inside pussy after 5 seconds. Sometimes i wasn not able to get it erect when the sex moment arrives.

And after doing hard mode for 14 days i was able to do 4 hours sex continously without ejaculation. I did such sessions of sex for about 7 days continously without ejaculation. So i think i can train you too.

:large_orange_diamond: To do Kareezza ( sex without ejaculation ) you have to fix in your mind one thing. That is I will not ejaculate because if i ejaculate i become weak
2nd) Dont rush in sex. Do it slowly. Thrust … thrust… thrust… STOP… Catch your breath… Again… Thrust … thrust… thrust… STOP… catch your breath. Do this 100 times.
3rd step) If you are religious person… Remember your god or some holy mantra… in your mind while thrusting. Picture your god in your eyes. Example : jai hanuman ki… Thrust… Jai Hanuman ki… Thrust… Or … Holy Jesus… thrust… Holy Jesus… Thrust … Do thos 100 times.
4th step ) {Do sex after 14 days of hardmode. } Now count 1 to 100 and thrust on each counting… Now count backward… and Keep pounding that ass in each Thrust.

5th step ) Change your positions often. Try 5 or 6 positions on same day.

6th) keep the conversations going while sex. Rest without taking out your cock. Kiss her when you feel numb.


Thanks, that’s a good Idea, I will do sex very slowly and for long time. It might train me to handle arousal and not rush things :wink:

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Wanna share some experience.

I had both ways. At the beginning I wasn’t able at all to get a proper boner. It got a bit stiffer but nowhere near how it should be.
Typically I came very fast too.

I feel like there could be different sources,

  • stress
  • the way of sex
  • porn
  • disease

First time I had sex with my girlfriend I thought I have to please her, so I was stressed and didn’t get a boner. The next time I was scared that it would happen again. And obviously it did happen again.
It got much better once I got the gut to tell her that it scares me to not please her and that this is the reason for my problems.
Afterwards I could be relaxed with the thought if it happens it does, if not, fine too.
This helped me in both ways. Getting a better erection but also to last longer. If I’m scared that I might come to fast, I also will come faster

Second thing that helped me is to start slower. The times were I come fastest is where I tried to force something. The slower we started (kissing and undressing stuff) the longer I last afterwards. If I come directly from shower already undressed and straight to the act I never last a minute.

porn… It gives me a wrong view of sex plus it messes up with my erection and sensation. The longer I stay off porn the better sex feels, the longer it lasts with a better erection.

And obviously it could also be a disease. But I would try to rule out stress and porn first. (in my case I see a huge difference even after a week of nofap)

hmm maybe an important last note. I personally realized that during watching porn and fapping i always tension my pelvic base for a higher sensitivity.
I tried to relax my pelvic base during sex which reduces the sensation to a very comfortable level. Which also means that I last much longer. With a strained pelvic I come immediately, with a relaxed one I can go quite long

Hope some of these might help you

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I hard of this thing called Karezza,personally I will try it after completing my rebooting process,i believe it will help in eliminating premature ejaculation ,
Eliminates performance anxiety and ensure desire to have sex the next day,the basics of it is sex without orgasm,at least that’s what I have read extensively about it,if Interest U can try,but first I want to reboot,current on day 17 going on strong



Very good advice.
I had sex with my girlfriend yesterday, I was doing it slowly, trying to relax my pelvic muscle, breathing slowly, taking my time.
I didn’t cum, and I lasted a long time, it was very enjoyable for her, and I was proud of myself.
I think I need to train myself to be slow and to relax.


I’m also suffering from premature ejaculation bro😭

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Hey man, had the same struggles. Since you hear about PIED all the time, but never really about porn induced premature ejaculation I was unsure whether it came from porn at first.
I’m on day 104 now and it’s much better now, so it was definitley porn-induced. Most of the getting better part came all by itself, but also having sex with my girlfriend way more often than during pmo-times helped (‘practice makes perfect’).

The other’s here had great advice. A technique I discovered recently may help you too. It is something called ‘Modulation of Attitude’ and it’s more of a mind trick really. The premise is that your gf doesn’t mind the PE and still gets satisfaction from the sex, so you’re not under that much pressure.

You basically start changing your attitude while you’re having sex. Instead of thinking about your sexual pleasure during foreplay and the act, you say to yourself: ‘I love my girlfriend. I don’t have much time to satisfy her, so I put as much love into this short time as I possibly can.’
So first you accept that you don’t have much time instead of trying to push yourself. Then secondly you shift your attitude towards giving love to your gf instead of focusing on your pleasure.

If you should choose to try it out I’d be curious if it has helped you. You do need a bit of concentration or mind power for this. It’s worth it though.
It helped me change my attitude towards sex, make it more enjoyable and also last longer.

The technique is from Viktor Frankl in case you wanna research it. He was an Austria psychoanalyst and wrote the book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’.

What does hard mode mean?