Success rate in No Fap?

Can anyone give an estimate of the success rate in No Fap? What percent of people are able to make it?

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That is a very broad question. It all depends on the severity of an addiction(s). I, for example, am doing a entire reboot, I’d say 2 years. There are many, let’s be honest, users who aren’t 100% dedicated.

Some may criticize this but I feel like too much damage has been done to my brain because of porn so a long time abstinence is needed to repair my body and soul.

Some feel like 30 days is enough, others feel like 60 is enough, then 90 etc etc… So some users have reached their goal thus this should answer your question a bit. You should self diagnose yourself somehow and ask yourself how much time will you need for the healing.

Everybody has his/her own view. I’m currently on 18d and 13h and I feel like I caught the right winds to sail my boat. This is it. Time to become a monk :slight_smile:

(Kinda off topic at times but whatever)

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My mind tells me: “Hey, you should go beyond 1000, no matter what. :sunglasses:

It is possible. Just stay away from the triggers, if they come to you just close your eyes, a deep breath and very slowly exhale.

Yes, I will do that. Thank you.
Good luck :+1:

In terms of reaching set targets, I think this app helps several people do that. Won’t be able to share a count, but I haven’t relapsed since I installed this app and have crossed my target of 100 days.

Rebooting entirely - that’s a different matter. So while I have reached my target and it has helped tremendously, I know for sure that I need to keep going and probably add at least a 100 more days and then see where I am. In all likelihood I am going to need a year long streak.


There is a popular saying that only 10% of the people on NoFap will finally achieve their reboot. But of course, I have no idea if it is true.

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