Substitution for Nofap

What do you guys like do to distract your mind when it comes to feeling the urges?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us as we are a family now.


Don’t distract your mind. Harvest the urges instead and do something productive.


Whenever urge comes hold your breath for 15secs and breath normally for few breaths and then hold your breath for 15 secs then again breath normally continue this until urge goes away.
If 15secs is less then you can increase to 30secs like that.
Dont search for phone or stop watch. Whatever you are holding is 15secs or 30secs. Dont think much just hold. Hold until you feel “uncontrollably comfortable”
Why holding breath?
Because it divert your attention from urges to breath(life or death). While sleeping at bed night 1am you may get urges, just hold breath for 10 to 15 secs then breath naturally then again hold,goon until urge goes away.
Whenever you feel like touching yourself, just hold your breath and breath naturally.


Will definitely try this…

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