Study tips during flatnine

I am having my flatline moment right now with brain fog, some tiredness and procrastination. I really want to read and take notes from books but I get distracted very easily even though I have turned off my phone, but have to use the computer and i don’t do much on it to be honest. I have read ten pages i literally can’t put the words in my head and try to understand the content. When I read a paragraph my mind always brings a made-up scene with a p-star where i am the main actor in fantasy movie. Brain fog during study time is a bitch and a half…

I am going to need every effective technique you can give me so I can try them against this stupid flatline. Thanks.

My experience so far
You need dopamine
Try to have it via workout
Cardio specifically is more useful
It will keep your mind stable
Other than that, I think sometimes bearing the pain for some time has no option. Going through is the only way.


i am also having same issue.over procastination

Yes working out helps because it gives serotonin.
Other things you can do are meditate, take a walk and keep drinking water