Study or nofap?

I relapsed 2 times in evening , but I still managed 7 hrs study today … Should I focus on nofap as if I manage to make 20+ days streak before exam , I have to go through flatline , fight urges and this will take time . Should I practise nofap after exams that is I should relapse when an urge hit obviously without porn. Coz I couldn’t waste more time in doing meditation exercise or reading nofap help books.


Hi there!
You are on the right track! But you’re missing something! You see NoFap isnt something you focus on. Cause when you focus on No’Fap’ you’re also focusing on fap. When you’re thinking on how to avoid arousal, you’re still thinking about arousal in general. Instead, ignore the urges. By focusing more on your studies, you dont focus on urges and that is focusing on NoFap. It’s a win win!
Hope this helps. If you need any advice feel free to message me! God bless.


I’m not sure man, but what I noticed is that even when I study hard, I can get more marks on day 50 of noFap with barely studying though I’m not sure why :thinking:


Same thing happend with me today​:joy::laughing:
I just read the chapters once and i was able to get good marks today
Seriously i thought i would fail


It won’t work like that. Like nofap is supposed to make ur focus more sharp maybe 3 days in nofap u get urges but then they will settle down with passing days…see when we do something it leaves an imprint on our body and mind and that imprint is nothing but a go back mechanism for our body and mind that is we will do it again and the imprints will become stronger as we keep doing that work becoz of the previous imprints and we start doing things daily or very often and that’s what we call sanskars…so even though u will force urself into studying for 3 days or u force urself in nofap for somedays, 4th day it won’t feel that hard and hence the difficulty in doing that thing becomes less…also the only thing required to do nofap is keeping urself busy…study, sing, dance, talk shit to ur family members, annoy ur siblings…or just take a walk in cold evenings with ur headphones i swear u wont regret it