STUDY 8+ hours a day on No-Fap

Hello Friends, are you students at School, college or preparing for competitive exams?
Have you studied 8 or more hours a day for a considerable amount of time?
If yes, the please share your stories.


Hi, I’m currently working on my Masters degree in engineering.
I started no fap during my first Semester of the Master. a bit about my story:

Fapping is for me the way to hide from all the things I have to do and on the other hand to stay awake until 2 or 3 am.
After coming home from school I opened youtube, twitch and a porn page while fapping because I didn’t wanna start learning. or I feared all the things I have to prepare. Then after 3 hrs or so I realized that it got really late and that I have to start learning.
So, I did that. Porn let me forget my hunger, my thirst and tiredness. So, I studied until late at night. Typically something like 5 different porn pages were opened in split screen just to keep me awake and going.

On nofap I had to learn tackle my problems instead of running away. Also, I needed to learn to focus on one task. I needed to learn to focus on studies and keep alert without all these stimuli keeping me awake.

My current schedule is to wake up at 8, learning for 1.5hrs going to university for 4hrs. In the afternoon either working on school project or on my student job at the university (as preparation for my master thesis), going home at 6pm, cooking dinner, sitting back on my desk at around 8pm until 11 or 12pm, stretching / reading / meditation for about 30min and going to bed


I keep this very tight schedule since I only see my girlfriend from friday until Sunday. So, I try to do all my work for school during the week so that I have time for her on the weekends


@neveragaintw Same here…!
Wow…! How this thing affects people is very similar in basic structure. After a lot of destruction by porn, I am finally fighting back. Though very little but yeah, some progress. But i have to concentrate on no fap so much that that causes my energies to not focus on studies as much as I should.
Great routine, you must be a topper or something.

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@neveragaintw wow, girlfriend?
Must have taken a lot of effort. I am too shy and ugly to ask anyone out. I dont know what’s wrong with my mind.

The beginning was horrible. I wasn’t able to concentrate for more than 5min. everything distracted me. I got hungry, had to go to the toilet, I got bored, tired… Everything triggered urges and so on.
But progress came with time.
I tried the routine were I started with 5min of focus, then 10min break where I grabbed something to drink and walked around. (for me it was important to not use the breaks to check my phone or youtube or something like that but doing something like walking around, looking out of the window.
The next day I tried 10min studying and 10min break and slowly but surely I went up. My concentration got better and better. It’s not yet were I wanna have it (especially on Sundays after an amazing weekend as the last one).

Also a main key for me was to ban my phone from my desk.
or writing a todo list. (ticking something from a todo list is an amazing feeling)
Also a good morning and evening routine and a goal why I wanna study that much (my goal is to become a professor on day)

no one is too ugly for a girlfriend! Because a relationship (a true one) is not about finding a hot babe. It is about finding a partner who is the best friend you can imagine. That’s also what makes a partner so much more attractive. To be hot is a requirement for a one-night-stand but not for a relationship.

The most important thing is to be self confident. You have to believe in yourself. That makes such a huge difference. It influences your smile, your posture, your shyness.
You have to know your strengths and know that you are the best you can be!
Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself how should anyone else do?



I am going to ban the phone from my desk too.
I will use it for only 30 minutes or so from now on. I realised some time ago that phone is a big distraction, every blip or a ping attracts towards it, and deviates me from studying or workout.

Your to do list idea was just utilised by me last week, it got me to day 4 streak but then i dont know how I fell into loop back again.

But yeah, internet and phone during study session, I will stop that effective today.

But I want to be a little better looking, my biceps are small and I dont have a good car or money to compensate even. Everyone around is flaunting though. But I get what you are saying, I will wait for the right one.

I like “quality time” for smartphone time usage

Each time you move your attention to something else it beaks your flow completely and it takes so long to get back into the flow

But you have a heart. You have love to share. Passion. Your precious time, which is so much more valuable than a car. You can make her feel good, make her feel loved instead of bought.
If you wanna train a bit you can use your breaks during studies.
Currently I’m using my breaks to do pushups or improve my handstand. It is not as effective as a 2hrs workout but it is better than nothing

Thanks, you are truly amazing man. Its been over an hour now on this forum. I am going back to the books now.

Let’s start the story

Comparing two days the day before my no fap journey
And the few days before my enternce

Before my journey my mind was multidirectional all time stucked with thoughs of sex… My sitting in library was maximum 40 min…

Last week of enternce… ( journey days was 150+ approx)

Constant sitting 1st - 4 hour …
2nd sitting after 1 hour break ( approx ) - 3 hour approx …

I reached the level of 14-15 hours study a day… however i have to pay a big amount for that… I lost 3 kg in last 15 days… I was already underweight… and it’s become the reason of my weakness and sickness… i got heavy vomiting during exam because of that I wasnt able to complete. And I failed to grap top desire rank…

But still I am happy cuz I got to know how much k can push and what’s my real potential is :slight_smile:

@the.karam7 great effort by you bro.
Keep working, we all are studying hard to get top rank, and moreover, get rid of pmo and change our lives for good.
All the best.

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