Stuck in chaser effect help me

I m stucked in chaser effect
My last one was of 30 days
After that I m relapsing again and again and now I can’t evene cross 3 days.
Anyone want to start a clean challenge of 90 days with me then pls join me or I will join
I want to get rid of this now
I have relapsed twice today.

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i too have underwent the same fate… i’ll be your accountability partner…


I was on a 29 day streak which i broke and then was in chaser effect for the next entire month and had almost 10 relapses in a month much like you

But now i am on a 13 day streak

I would suggest you that

You should encourage yourself to get better
Dont think
I have to stop masturbation

Think i have to be better overall and get up early do stretches and breathing excercise and try a take a shower early

After you do this for even 3 days the 4th day you would just not want to relapse and you would want to continue to stay in routine
Hope it helps


Im ready to join u bro


Now I m getting it buddy
For beating any addiction the main thing is we have to stop counting and bothering about that after some time like after 90 only few ppl relapse most of people start feeling better and they forget about these things( in my case)
Thanku buddy
Currently at day 3 clean
No social media
No soft **rn.
Regular gym and exercises.
I don’t even feel to use social media.
Now It looks like a headache to me like posting stories and a stuffs like this. I mean the point is if someone is happy or enjoying what’s the point of showing off to others because it will remain the same and no one cares about that.
Thanku very much buddy. I m sure this time after reaching 90 I will stop counting.
Thanks a lot brother really :pray::heart::heart:

You got me wrong buddy I was talking about social media not this bro.
I can’t even manage to go for 30 days without the guidance of people of like u brother. I was not talking about this app I was talking about social media.the stuff which they post on stories, TBH and all and all. I was talking about that not this one.

I’m also feeling urges like mountain but something is stopping by to do this shit. Everyone has some reasons find them and you Will do you.

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