Stuck in Adult Fantasy Meme Addiction. Plz Help!

I have an Instagram Adult Meme Addiction and i find that i get fantizied from these Stories and i find that the starting point of PMO start from Instagram to Porn these days.
I uninstalled Instagram but my mind cravings open Instagram on browser on mobile and get trapped.
I try to quit Fapping so hard but my mind getting negative so fast whenever i become alone…
If anyone pass through this phase and conquered the noFap please tell the suggestions and tips to overcome through this.

My Maximum streak is 9 days.
My goal is 10x times the current streak.


You are on the right path my boy, you recognize what weakens you and try to get rid of it, you ask the most experienced for help. You are very special. Your determination is admirable.


Thank you Marcio for your kind words. These words help me to create a stronger mindset…Thanks Man !

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Hey @8eliever,

Well instead of about it and constantly thinking about the memes is to give your phone and yourself 3 options.

That is to get focused on all 3 on these stuff :

Since you removed instagram from your phone

1.What you can do is fill instagrams void:

Download offline games or use YouTube to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube for example. The last option here gives 2 advantages whao and is super enjoyable. Since you’ll occupy yourself in a tutorial and do it with the person and you learn something too! Bam no room for thinking of those memes!!

Reassign your phone to do something you like instead. If you like reading there is free ebooks to download. If you are into languages listen to podcast( sadly online) but you could download them and listen later on.

Stay focused on what your phone can do atleast give yourself 2 or 3 options. Execpt googling too often.

  1. Eliminate or minimize your phone usage.

Either give yourself 1 hour a day on your phone to maybe be on the forum and play a game and stick to what you’ll be doing on your phone and stay strict to the time. Or don’t use your phone for atleast a week. So here you are going to know how to solve a Rubik’s cube for example to keep yourself occupied. Don’t have too be it but it is just easy to mention it as there is too many options and most mention reading and for some it ain’t fun . A Rubik’s cube is unexpected and kinda sparks interest into cool stuff like how a v6 engine works.

Enough bull the 3 option is to over block yourself. You could use a porn blocker for this or disable your browser and delete other social media too ( very boring)… :scream_cat::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::exploding_head: snore…

Will all these 3 things one is key in all and that is to fill the gap. Sadly 3 is also key maybe to delete other social media except Youtube for awesome tutorials, because other social media’s can influence you and also implement control on your screen time and when you use it and in which environment or place too.

And this is the ultimate recipe for success, bu lt each can work independently according to your need!

To stop negativity stop your nervous thoughts. Fill your life with meaning… Like listen to your favourite songs and sing along! This lifts the mood quick! Also di stuff you like and also change your environment your in. Get out of your room get some sunshine. Visit your family and friends they are just a call away nowadays. Pff… Also simplify things. Also workout and make your day awesome. And celebrate the coolest person you know and that’s you! And tell yourself that and that you love yourself.

Pray or meditate a lot. Being close to your believe and practice your religion makes you feel good too!

Hopes this helps! And learn to solve a Rubik’s cube… This time serious! As it learns you to change your colours in your situation and to get your life inline and ordered and also to move freely all in one environment.

Just a joke with a cool metaphor. But please do stay strong and awesome and good luck out there!

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@8eliever More than words, I would actually like to give you a tight hug, look into your eyes and declare: we will win together. But even though geography doesn’t allow it today, with simple words I tell you: you are very important.


Hello @Cubenix, i cannot thank you enough ! Thank you soo much for these informative, kind and lovely words and yeah rubrik too :slight_smile: Honestly, I feel Kinda Negative right now but these words gave me power to build myself more stronger ! Thanks Man !


Thanks man for these supporting and build a great community ! @Marcio

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Can you elaborate this why it’s been automatically removed ?

@8eliever Life only makes sense if it is in favor of others. In a war where the enemy is the same, the least we can do is to be in favor of the soldiers in our army.

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@Marcio absolutely true !