Struggling get passed first week over Mind tricks any tips or tricks?

I have alway struggled to get past the first week normally last to day 3 and 4. My mind keeps tricking me that I’m missing out on some good porn. I know it’s trick of mind any way of overcoming that. My goal is reach 200 days on day one today don’t want go back old lifestyle.


I also had these urges, even today. You want a better life, not artificial chicks whom fucks with someone else and you looking at it like an idiot touching your dick and thinking that this is the “pleasure”. When we fap, we act like an idiot. So don’t do it. Realize that after this “pleasure” you will be feel horrible, alone, and generally like a shit. Conquer your weaknesses. Start to control your mind. You know consciously that this is the trap. Don’t let this kind of thinking to control you.