Strong urges on every leg day. Is there any relation between urges and testosterone levels?


It has been almost two months since I started nofap seriously and already had two relapses. I have noticed that both the time it was my leg day in the gym which includes squats, hamstring curls, lunges and other such variations. The urges get extremely strong on every leg day. Yesterday was again a legs day and I felt some urges around afternoon. Though I suppressed them successfully.

I have read that testosterone levels are the highest after you perform lower body excercises. Are the urges anyhow related to testosterone levels?

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I think when flow of blood increses in lower body. Your cock becomes more powerful.
But you have to figure out how to tame a powerful cock.

I too had fallen many times when i start training my lower body by sprinting.


i could also imagine:
legs are your largest muscle-> you will probably feel most tired on legs day.
my urges are highest when i’m tired

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If you workout on your hands before leg day your testosterone levels will raise . As gym member your restricted diet can also your testosterone levels get unbearable urges


Same here bro after training on leg day don’t eat anything just go to bed do leg workout at night then u don’t feel urge