Streak vs Nightfall

Just a quick survey friends. What is your streak and how many nightfalls(wet dream) did you had?


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Streak - 113 days
Nightfall - 1


Streak 615 hardmode
About once every two months.
(Before it occurred every week without fail)

What do you mean by nightfall?

Night fall = Wet dream.

Streak :- 7
Night fall :- 0

How you only get 1 night fall?

Yes… That answer I also want to know. :joy:

It may be because of different reasons… I exercise ( in fact on and off from a long time now), I used to pour cold water often on my penis and testes, etc.

Streak 215
Nightfalls average: 7.1
Currently on Day 33 no nightfall

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Streak 123 Days
Nightfall= 7

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