Strange Question

Does anyone know if there is any connection between urges and food? Is there any food that helps reduce urges or offset them?

I understand cold showers :shower: and exercise help but sometimes you want to invest in other ways. I’m not even sure if food makes a difference but I’ve been able to have long streaks when I’m fasting.

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Well i know from experience being hungry or keeping fast reduces urges quite a bit.

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I read an article in addiction biology journal about a month ago. It was observed in a study that increase in BDNF ( Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, I don’t wanna explain it here because it’s going to be long but in short it increases our brain’s ability to restructure itself and it’s good for us. You should Google it for more info ) is linked to less craving in cocaine addicts. So, I believe that activities which increases BDNF will help in curbing cravings. Activities like HIIT, exercise, meditation, sunlight, fasting, some foods, activities which challenges but not too difficult for your brain, even activities like reading!.
So, I think there are some foods/drinks which can help greentea, coffee fruit extract, any food which contains polyphenols. These foods are not just good for your brain but also for your mood.
There are also things which does completely opposite, like stress, sugar and social isolation. So, try to avoid these.
sorry for long post, I am not good at explaining things. Good luck.


Avoid garlic, onion, watermelon & pomegranate if you are experiencing extreme urges. Start a vegetarian diet. But in my case I didn’t do any of this because I’m just following a grit system.