Strange pain in right testicle and lower right abdomen area

so i was masturbating and suddently stopped it woithout ejaculation. few hrs later a pain started in balls. i searched over internet and it came out that it was blue ball disease. As per videos i watched, they recommended to just move out trapped semen to get relaxed. so i had to masturbate. then the pain was gone. but after 24 hrs, the pain started again. and i again masturbated to let pain go… again pain went away… but then when i woke up in morning, pain started again. now i understood that its something more than blue balls. now almost 3 days have passed,there is a continuos pain in right testicle (ball) and lower right portion of abdomen. I fear some infection has occured. Now can anyone guide me if some medicine or home therapy can fix it ? what should be done now :confused:

no… not ejac since 4 days when pain started … today i will get a scrotum ultrasound test to see whats the real issue.

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