Stopped playing games completely

One week ago i failed so hard after a really good attempt. I thought, why the f*** did u fail today? U had the best week, did sports, had conversations with others but still u fail. I had no reason to fail except one… Gaming!

I started playing games at the age of 12 (now 23) and since then im trying to get rid of this waste of time. Playing 8h a day were np for me.
It’s not the first time, that i’m trying to stop gaming… but it’s the first time i do it with self control… without others setting password or helping me. It’s just me against myself now.

I uninstalled all PC games, Phone games, social media (Instagram, FB, Youtube)…
I only allow myself to watch some series or movies sometimes… Watching stuff was never that much of a problem for me like gaming.

I feel so productive already. Feel like i’m another person. Feel like i can do everything.

I always thought, rather focus on what u want to do instead of what u want to get rid of. Concentrate on your goals not on the negative. But sometimes u really have to get rid of stuff before u can even focus on your goals…

So try to think about stuff in your life that is taking most of your focus… Kick it away like Leonidas did with the persian guy !!!

I am also searching for some companions in this app, so just follow me so we can fight together…



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