Stop it gradually or stop it straight

I’ve been trying to stop this habit for 2,5 half years…5 times failed and now my 6th attempt.

For all of you that reach abstinance, i would like to ask which one is better, stop it gradually (set a short target, reach it, relapse, set longer target, reach it, relapse, so on…) or just stop it straight?

Many thanks for all of you here…i’m feel that now i’m not alone facing this problem


Stop it straight. It won’t work Gradually

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Not everyone can do NoFap on the first go, so you can say that there’s a lot of people who do it gradually, but it doesn’t mean they set a “relapse day” or something. What I am trying to say is that you should aim to leave it for good, if you propose to relapse one day you’ll look forward to it, you won’t be leaving anything, so go for stop it now and for all, and If you relapse try again and again until you’re finally free

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Thx man…maybe thats why I failed each times…

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Okay, so the important thing is my mindset…i should aim to leave it for good…

Don’t force on your self. Take it slowly, always remember your reason for not faping. Try to restrain yourself as long as possible. And always repeat to yourself not today may be next day.

Second option is the only way. First option is a trap.


There is no substitute for cold turkey-ing a bad habit :muscle:

Except of course, replacing it with a good one instead :slight_smile:
Stop it now
Flame on