Stoicicada's Rites of Passage

For the record,
Sunday, December 11, 2022

First things first, like everyone else here i too am a fapstronaut. I find myself constantly entangled in the matrix of pornographic websites,… (the list goes on) This is the most pathetic state any man can ever land onto, it sucks, for reasons i don’t reckon need to be put up in here. It’s so benign, as they say, to spill the very essence of any man’s existence to an arse-like voyeurism episode. It’s a disgrace to not make use of one’s own potential to the fullest and to give yourself into said benign activities. I solemnly swear that i shall go by firsthand experience of these life-sucking, vitality-draining acts and solo level and i urge every person reading this to commit themselves to the aesthetic journey of semen retention and by stretch self melioration.
Gratitude and Godspeed to the RCF tribe!


This journey is called the Rites of Passage. It is the collection of circumstances that directly promote an individual’s state towards undisputed autonomy and sovereignty, i.e getting to a position of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-initiative. Trials that promote strength and passion, endeavours that promote competency and dexterity and experiences that promote wisdom and understanding.
Today, on January 17, 2023, i begin my rites of passage with the entire RCF tribe as my witness.

Gratitude and Godspeed!