Stoic training,ancient philosophy and practical wisdom


I think it would be good for us to study together stoic philosophy and give each other advice in the stoic spirit of self mastery. For some time i have been reading the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus etc. And it helped me a lot with my struggle. This philoolsophy is very grounded and one can practice stoicism in every single moment he is do what in our power and master it and to be indifferent towards the the things outside of our control. To know the difference between the two. We should train ourself in this manner in every aspect of our life. I think its common sense really. I saw many people here already know all this just by going on the path of self overcoming and learning from past mistakes. But maybe we can drink together from the well of wisdom of our ancient forebears and thus improve our chances of victory!

Hope to hear from you comrades.
Peace :v:


Meditations have been on my to read list for quite long, how’s it?


Sounds great! Maybe I should learn about it sometime


Meditations in my opinion is the best start for it cover most of the topics.even though this book was written more than 2000 years ago it still feel very section of the book talks about the mistake of men who run away from pain and always seek pleasure. Those kind of men will rarely act justly and will have more inclanation to lie. The one who seek pleasure is like a domesticated animal with no self mastery. He is not really a man. This book can give you different prespective on your struggle. I think it can help. Moderation is the key. Alot of people here get really exited of the benefits of no fap and quickly lose their balance. They replace the pleasure of porn with that of no fap. Which is good but one needs to have realistic expectation and strive to always remain sober. Both in pleasure and in pain.



I realized a lot about the meaning of purity and virtuousness trough PMO and NoFap. In a way it’s like a desicion we have to make: Either be the spiritual being or go down into the world of flesh. The outstanding feature is that from these two states of minds only one can exist. You can’t be both. In a way we are fluctuating between two personas. Perhaps this is why we perceive it as a struggle since there are literally two entities struggling to exist. Anyone made a similar experience?


I understand what your are saying. but I think the flesh/spirit dichotomy is a mistake. the body is the vehicle in which the spirit manifest itself and mirrored itself. look at plants for example they are actually light manifested in physical form. nevertheless there are chaotic and so called lower elements in nature but they are only chaotic while they don’t being referenced to the center-what you must experienced as the power of the will. there is indeed a struggle here which is caused by the polarization of different forces that always coexist. light and dark,death and birth, sun and moon etc…I would say one cannot exist without the other. so while you feel the lower forces of the chaotic water forcing you down the fire within ignite and create a new state of mind and body. if you give in to death and the forces that pull you down your body will lose its form as well,you will succumb unto death and sleep. so you actually going against the flesh while you engage in pmo. spirit and flesh are one. the spirit is most accurately represented by blood.blood is water and water is life.


A man’s Character is his fate.

  • Heraclitus


The meaning of masculinity according to ancient symbolism.


Basically. What it means that the way you live your life shapes the genes and qualities of your children(they are you). They will inherit your strength if you live in honor and strive to better yourself, learn from hardship etc… Life is eternal struggle. We should understand what it means and act accordingly. Justice,truth, courage,wisdom and virility. Love your fate. And live ! Again and again…if you understand the myth of mithra you’ll see that fapping is no less than suicide. Giving up the struggle and giving up life.

Good luck to you



Ahhh Marc Aurel… What a great man. It’s so inspiring how the ancients were able to shape the world while most of us are just pathetic consumers… Rise my friends


I have to say this is my favorite thread. Keep it coming. I hope to that I find the time to write down some real contributing posts, soon.


Thanks man! Will keep it up. Hope to develop it farther to discussions and sharing of Ideas.







How the ancient germans lived.

“for all that, the marriage bond is strict, and
feature in their mode of life is more creditable to them
than this. Unlike the great majority of barbarians, they
are content with one wife : very few of them have more
than one, and these few exceptions are not due to wan-
tonness ; they are cases of men of high rank, to whom
several matrimonial alliances have been offered from
motives of policy.”

"So they guard the chastity of their lives, with
no shows to entice them nor orgies to excite their evil
passions. To men and women alike such a thing as
secret correspondence is unknown. Amongst all this
immense population adultery is extremely rare : its
penalty is instant, and is left to the husband ; he cuts
off the hair of the unfaithful wife, strips her, turns
her out of his house in the presence of the kinsmen,
and scourges her through the whole village. For
there is no pardon for the fallen woman ; not by her
beauty, not by her youth, not by her wealth, will she
succeed in finding a husband. For no one there makes
a jest of vice, or says that seducing and being seduced
is the style of the period. "