Still cant control urges for masturbation despite all knowledge of its dangers

I decided maybe 6 months ago…
that from now


and since then, hardly 1 week is maximum days that i abstained from masturbation.

and the main addictive reason for it is live webcam models. I have been literally paying to models to ejaculate.


but the pity is that i always make plans to stoo this but again i do it.

btw, i dont like to watch porn now, but the addiction is webcam adult sites.

now i have decided that i will

1- Remove the lock from my room so that i have less relaxble mood.

2- deactivate my bank debit card.


Faulty approach. Change it to “I won’t Masturbate for just 7 days”. Pass those days and then try “I won’t Masturbate for just 30 days”. Well yeah this is gonna be your final goal. Tell your mind, hey buddy calm down I’m gonna do it and do everything kind of things but only after day 30 " Infact note down the models names too and tell the mind to wait until the day 30. Afterwards it’s go time.

Set this mindset for a while. Trust me you’ll make this 30 days. But yeah do whatever you can to not fap. When you get urges do push ups, go out or take cold shower. Just don’t do it till the stipulated time.

And yeah don’t forget to send me that money you’ll save that you might gonna spend it on pixels lol for virtual experience :joy:. All the best.

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sure that money will be urs :sweat_smile:

I dont watch P and i dont get the urges …its just when i go to bath room my mind goes on auto pilot and relapses automatically

Avoid the things that would leads to a relapse. Try not to stay at home, and even if you do, try to use a different washroom.

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