Sticky fluid after urination

I have heard it before from other people online .Now been victim of this situation myself .
Does anyone know what’s the remedy ?
Will it stop after Nofap for a long time ?

What is this sticky fluid?

this is due of edging…means u r mastubating but not letting it relapse. stop edging and ur problem will be solved.

It is not a problem unless you make it.
Your body is taking care of yourself. Let it do its work.

Everyday waste sperms washes away during toilet.

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Its completely normal, its secretions from the seminal vesicles, and yes it is increased in nofap
(Increased in urine, because you are no longer getting rid of it by masterbating)

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It is slow discharge of fluid(ejacualtion in small installments). Whenever you have sexual thoughts, reproductive system gets activated. Surveillance over sexual thoughts and adopting healthy lifestyle can solve this problem. Mental celibacy is as much important as physical.

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