Steps to overcome urges

The only way to be away from urges is to target :dart:the day. Plan for today. If you starts living in present then the word itself is called as present (:gift:gift)
Make a plan of every second a day before. Try to keeep yourself as busy as possible. Please don’t forget to include following

  1. exercise:will keep your body healthy
  2. meditation:keeps away from anxiety attacks
  3. mantra chants:helps in rewiring brain with spiritual support
  4. try visit temple :makes you feel secure and peaceful
  5. listen music:refreshes your mind
  6. do favorite hobby:will release the dear devil dopamine in your brain
  7. reward:most importantly don’t forget to reward yourself for completing all these targets🎯
    I think favorite😍food is best reward
    These 7 steps like colours of rainbow​:rainbow: will make our life shine​:star::sparkles: