Stay Focused app - Available for iPhone?

I have a quick question: To the users of the “Stay Focused” app here (there seem to be a few of you around), does any of you use it on an iPhone? Would you know if it is available for iPhone? A Google search didn’t yield much.

I am thinking of buying an iPhone but might change my decision if I can’t install this app on it!


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I think there is another app called ‘Forest’ which is similar. It’s available in iOS also.

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Hmm… Have you used it… Is it as good?

It’s good IMO.
But I didn’t use ‘stay focused’ app. You can try it anyways. It’s free I think.

So what I can infer from the app information given on the Play store is that it doesn’t actually have any features to prevent you from using any apps beyond a set time (or too many number of times). Is that correct?

It’s not an app for your need I think. I use it to focus and not use phone when am working.

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Got it, thanks! :slight_smile: