Stay away from devices is best way to Stay away from masturbation!

I am excited to know more tips and tricks for quitting mastur**** and p***. Waiting for your suggestions Legends.

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I think one should go back 10years. To Nokia feature phone era. I use nokia 100 basic model and Internet only once a week (Sunday) for that too not more than 30 Mins on my old Android phone. I want to develop this habit life long.

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Staying away from devices or technology makes you degraded. Its an era of silicon i mean technology. It became our part of our life. If you keep distance from it you’ll be leftover. Idea of staying away from devices is totally a primitive.

Engaging more with devices or avoiding them in this era makes a person non fashioned. Knowing how to include them in our life smartly is what called as wisdom.

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I don’t think it’s possible to stay aways from devices especially when you have to work on mobile like checking gmails, linkedin, professional works and projects. I think we should be taugh like how to control yourself for not eating apple when it’s right front of you.

I appreciate your efforts but this is not possible for working professionals. If we use method of 10 years back then it’s not a good idea for a person who want to go with passage of time.