Starting today guys if anyone starting today feel free to drop a text

I am starting from today got this app recommendation from Quora and i am really looking forward for a change.i have been addicted to this habit for so long finally it’s time i just get rid of it.


Good for you to finally step up and make a bold stand in fighting PMO. I wish you all the best in your journey. :heart:


Welcome buddy, you made a right decision by joining us. Let’s beat this addiction together (incase you need an accountability partner) just add me as your companion and try to defeat my streak. SC - lll833


Since you are new here,let me tell you that you need to find other activities in life to go along with Nofap,if you focus on Nofap the entire day,if you keep thinking about Nofap then the chances of a relapse will increase.
I would recommend you to join a challenge group here on the forum and find a companion who you could challenge so that the streak can stay alive,while you are also helping your friends along the way.
Stay Strong!

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