Starting nofap challenge again

Today is August 19, 2020 & i am starting my nofap journey today. I have tried one week before also but it lastlong for 4 days only. I am pretty happy that i am able to threw out all the urges atleast 4 days. After 4 days, a solid urge came to mind and i cannot stop myself thinking of that. People call it flatline. I have done everything to stop it like doing pushups, saying NO multiple times, screaming, gone out, but that feeling was so so strong that i failed but atleast i fought. I am proud of myself. In that 4 days, i felt so productive that i didn’t feel in last 1 month fap days also. I am going to start this challenge again and i am ready to face that urge again. Plz give me some solid tips to fight with those urges so that it can go away completely and don’t make me feel regret.