Starting again(Keeping the spirits high)

My longest streak was 30 days. After that I relapsed and couldn’t maintain that streak. Target now is 90 days.

My code: cef6b4
Hope that I achieve the target.
Day 1: feeling the energy and motivation to complete 90 days. I remember what it felt like when I completed 30 days. It was like breaking free and having control over yourself rather than loosing control.
I know I will find some good companions here to keep me motivated.


hey buddy.
i’m on day 1 too. lets keep the spirits high together :slight_smile:

Lets do it bro. :muscle:. A rollercoaster it shall be. Bring it on if you wish to go past your fears and limit.
Code: 826714

Why not bro… 90 days it is… share your code…

I am damn sure there a gonna be good ups and downs… It’s on …Added

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May I ask how old are you? I am 21 years old now. Longest streak I had was also 30 days before I heard about NoFab.

25 … I got to know about this in January … Saw too many people speak about the outcomes and wanted to see for myself… So started my journey… And my very first streak was 30 days… And I had just started getting that positive thing going on… But a fatal day all ended and since then I am trying it again and again but couldn’t pass 7…

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Day 2☑️
was easier than I thought (the key cold cold showers).
Though I have noticed when you kill one habit another is ready to take its place. Same happened with me in my last streak. I noticed somehow I started achieving my dream of playing a guitar. And i am on the same road again.
How about others ? Going strong?

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