Started PMO at age of 12 in 2006. Decided to become free from PMO in 2020

Hey everyone,

Accidentally coming in contact with porn at age of 12, had few friends who taught to masturbate and hence my whole life sucked.

From age 15, I started having health related issues and was able to figure out the reason is porn and Masturbation.

Due to weak body, I was very low in health and power but good in brains.

I knew that porn and Masturbation is destroying me and my life and I tried so many times to get rid of this but to no success.
My best time frame was 2 months 2 years ago without any masturbation and that time period was the best for me. I did so many amazing things and achieved big times.

But alas, the addiction kicked again.

I have been constantly fighting even now, some time 2 weeks other times a week without PMO.

BUT I am going to eliminate it completely. Get freedom complelety.

I am doing good in my entrepreneur endeavour and trying to achieve big heights.

3 days ago I got on this app and forum and read some articles about tips and success.

It’s third day and I am going strong even though I had a strong urge today morning but I protected myself.

That’s why I am posting here to be a part of community and get your support.

Also I am looking for a partner who can join me in this journey. I want someone who dare to do it very very seriously and eliminate PMO permanently mindset. Real life sex is ok though.

I will try to post frequently or weekly basis.

Do extend your helping hand to me.



I am interested in your accountability. Give me your sharing code. Here is mine myg9j4

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Thanks brother. Here it is: c28jiv

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Welcome on board.

This is a very nice presentation. We are all together on this journey :+1:


I have gotten many code. How is it useful?

I’m in, pure semen retention hard mode.


How do we become accoutable?
Btw I believe I am already a non user. It’s really great now to be free from the slavery and poison and addiction.

It’s so much awesome to not abuse and harm ourselves.

The feeling of pure joy or coming out of that filth and disgusting addiction is pure bliss.

Life should be like this.

It’s been 15 days I am non user of PMO. 7 days as shown in rewire app.

15 days of no urge, no struggle to stop or fight.
No fighting myself. No will power being used.

Just plain Awesomeness.

It’s really easy to eliminate this Addiction. And I did it.

I am joyful, using my energy to do productive work. Started new project. Conscious about my time.

This is a pure joyfulness we feel after ditching the prison called PMO.

I thank this community, all my companions, admins and moderators to maintain this community.

This place feels very close to the heart.

Now, I am not even counting the streak daily. Because I am not trying to see how long I can go. Nope. I have given up forever. It’s not 30, 90, 200 days.
It’s forever.

Thanks for reading.



Keep going.
In a year from now,
You’ll thank yourself.


Yes mate. I am sure I will because I am already doing it.

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