Sorry My Love i cant come

I was selfish or you didnt gave me time… or there was some other destiny for us both. We both have to get over it. My journey is hard. Maybe i am right . Maybe i am wrong. I am doing this for myself. I want my powers back. We have to stay away from each other. I need a break. I am tired of all this.

Hello sweet grief
I know you will be the death of me
Feel like the morning after ecstasy
I am drowning in an endless sea
Hello old friend
Here’s the misery that knows no end
So I am doing everything I can
To make sure I never love again

I wish that I did not know
Where all broken lovers go
I wish that my heart was made of stone
Yeah if I was bulletproof
I’d love you black and blue
If I was solid like a jewel

If I had a diamond heart
Oh oh
I’d give you all my love
If I was unbreakable
If I had a diamond heart
Oh oh
You could shoot me with a gun of gold
If I was unbreakable

I’d walk straight through the bullet
Bendin’ like a tulip
Blue-eyed and foolish
Never mind the bruises
Into the fire
Breakin’ through the wires
Give you all I’ve got
If I had a diamond heart

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