Sorry I relapsed

Today was my 21st day :pensive:.
But now i have relapsed ! Iam sorry i could think of nothing , this was the only medium i found to escape. From my study stress, from lonliness ! I relapsed.
What should i do now?

What should you do now?
At first forgive yourself, dont get depressed like me :sweat_smile:

You should start again from day one and now that you know your weakness, try to overcome it


If you want to grow, you have to move on. Stress is just a mental pressure. You are more capable of oppressing it and becoming stronger human

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Stress will always be there, problems, difficulties, Challenges, obstacles, hardships, failures, these things will never go from your life and when you face them you get two options, 1st) An opportunity to grow stronger and 2nd) An opportunity to lose.

You have to choose what you want to become.
*My suggestion - Next time you face some obstacle don’t choose the 2nd option otherwise you’ll be stuck at the same place you’re now , forever.

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Thank you so much brothers for your concern, support and advice. I will try my best again. I actually was not able to study the required time, which again lead to stress and creating a cycle. I will try my best and will start reading something also.
Thank you so much


Buddy i have relapsed so many times. After losing my 12 days streak, then my 3 days streak. I am back with 5 days streak(at 0:11). You can do this, i believe you.

After losing so many times, i said only one thing.

“Fuck this. I had enough. Now you cannot stop me.”

My crush is Disturbing me becoz i am doing NOFAP. But i ignored her.

Ignore your distractions and you will be the attraction of the world a.k.a “IDOL”.