Something new, Something satisfying

I am sorry community but I feel annoyed with how much focus you have put to PMO, and use words such as Corn, Sasturbation so openly and very much excessively, I understand you are addicted to these habits but here we come to loose it, so please don’t use such words with the shear bluntness.

I have been reading “the power of habit” in it auther talks about the willpower habit loop where people with low willpower practice some habits that requires self discipline for a month or two. Those habits in return increase our baseline willpower, hey community we have chosen our willpower habit. I hope it spills willpower to your personality and other habits.

But, it’s evident that we should form a web of good habits and get sink into it with the most powerful thread of Nofap. This web of habits varies with personality and goal of people.

In the first step towards better you, I encourage people to write their web of habits and how will you apply those changes to your life.

Another profound change in personality can come when perception change occur, I want to present a thought that brings change to your perception :- What happens when you let it flow out, 2 things.

First psychological which takes nearly an year or more to “completely” heal, of which most visible changes occur in first 90 days. But the subtle one and the important ones happens AFTER a year and are permanent. So 90 days is not even enough but is essential to experience something that newbies haven’t yet experienced, & we are eager to get that feeling back.

Second physical, what I do when I let it out. We let out the most potent form of nutrients and throw it in a dustbin, which was produced with much efforts of our body. Then wonder why we don’t have energy or any motivation.

If you spend your body most precious thing carelessly, then how can body trust you. It revolt against the entity using it that is “you” giving you a hard time. We reap what we saw, please be careful how you saw your seed.

If you read through, then I urge you to share your web where you want to saw the habit seeds. And some perception changes that you have encountered or cherish and what effects they have on you?

Edit :- The best option would be to start a new good habit after flatline. Forget about this and start new countdown of writing a journal, or cooking, or working out, or No youtube, or No facebook, or astro physics lecture, or follow a new course on OCW or NPTEL, anything we are here to rewire let’s rewire it completely!!


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