Somebody please help 🥺

I don’t know why no matter how much I’m determined not to masturbate,but still at the end of day,my brain tell me just once a week won’t do harm. Actually many of my friends masturbate quiet frequently and still having high paying software jobs and also a side chick. I feel sometimes envious to them. Now the problem is ,I can’t stop m***.

I have been tracking my records of masturbating, I have reduced by 50%. I want to know if I’m on the right path

Also if you have any idea regarding how to totally abstain from masturbating, please share…
Ur ideas are cordially welcomed.

Thanks for reading :sparkling_heart:


You “shift” your thinking. That will take some time. Few weeks maybe. But keep telling yourself that masturbation is unnecessary. Every moment. Don’t worry about others, focus on yourself. Think about the freedom from sexual desires.
Always remember, things are never accomplished in a click. You have to try for a long time to get to that “moment”. But it will be worth.


Honestly getting a Software Engineering job isn’t very difficult these days. Especially once you join the company it’s easy to keep switching and have the good salary. But yes being a very good software developer is definitely very hard which most of your friend isn’t probably.

Also if you do nothing apart from fapping or if you don’t fap and do nothing you won’t progress. Action is mandatory.

Getting a side chick is also nothing to be envious of. Most chicks are stupid like most guys are and they have lot of times in their hand. If you have good hair style you maintain dressing sense have an expensive mobile and know how to lie chicks will easily come to you.

You must be completely wasting your time to not have even a decent job. Personally i have seen in Bangalore complete losers who knows nothing getting software jobs on fake experience.

Having a decent job and a girlfriend is not success. It’s the minimum you should have.

Now if you have been holding for 1 week then you should know that masturbation is never a good thing to do. No one need to tell you this.


Take actions rather thinking. You will get out of this addiction one day? Try to change your bad habits into good. F*ck off your laziness… Start doing…?

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Some of my friends are in FAANG and get base salary of 30 LPA. Isn’t that awesome ?

Yeah I’m working on myself and my goals are not getting into big tech companies… I want to do my masters from IIT and want to be IITian

We each have our own definition of awesomeness. But if that feels awesome to you keep trying you will get there.

Okay I missed it you are planning to do masters. Why don’t you try doing masters from USA it’s easier to get into FAANG from there. All you have to do to write a stupid GRE exam and TOEFL exam.

Hi brother. Let’s see how I can help you.
No matter how much are you determined?
Let me explain one interesting thing.
We always win. There is never a situation where our brain doesn’t work for what it really wants.
I always thought I want to die. I was telling myself how bad I want it. But if that really was what I want I would be dead already. See, what we say we want may be fake. For me, if I say I’m a loser because I don’t have a Lamborghini, it would be so fake. I don’t much care if I go somewhere with an expensive car or with a casual one or with a taxi.
I was telling myself so much that I’m a loser because I don’t have a girlfriend and was deeply believing I am worse than people surrounding me. But I never truly wanted to have a girlfriend.
Once I truly wanted to make the best presentation for the English class. It was night, I was tired, I was in multiple relapse situation and I should be waking up after 6 hours. But I made it. And it was really the best.
You are determined bud, but you should see what is your real determination? Do you want to do nofap? Or do you want to fap but never lose energy and motivation, and instead gain one :grinning:? Sometimes we say we want an expensive car, but instead we just want the surrounding world to say “wow this guy has a status”. Sometimes we say we want a girlfriend, but instead we need a 3 second hug.
There is also one question. To gain something, we should sacrifice something. You can get anything you want, but what if I ask you: are you ready to sacrifice your energy and time? Maybe you’ll say, no getting up early in the morning is not worth it.
My question for you. Do you want to do nofap? Yes? Are you ready to hold up next urges? Are you ready to do a little gym? No?
Then I have other questions. Are you ready to feel rubbishy after you relapse? Are you ready to lose you motivation and mood? Are you ready to lose your life and years?
You got that! Of course thoughts will always come and say blah blah blah blah. Every successful person has those blah blah blah in his head. You should ignore them. You are not your thoughts. Of course your brain says, let’s do it one more time. And of course it lies. But who said you should listen your brain?
People can masturbate and have high paying jobs. Of course they can. Masturbation doesn’t kill you, you still can move, breathe, walk, think.
You are jealous that your friends have that? Yeah but they also have problems. They have to solve a lot in that job. But who said it’s hard? Maybe it’s easy, have you tried? There is a job even in the programming in every hardship level.
One more thing. Don’t compare yourself to others. And don’t compare your expectations with the reality. Live and don’t expect anything.
It doesn’t matter how much you masturbate. What matters is why are you doing that.
In short: remember 1: whatever you really want, you get. 2: thoughts will appear, don’t listen. 3: Delete your expectations. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t get what you’ve expected. Instead think about what do you really want.


Thanks buddy :blush:
Ur words contain a lot of wisdom and whenever I feel like to m**,I will come here and read your reply…

Yes I have never tired to apply for that job. I think I have lots of mental instability which mainly happened because all my exams and interview are postponed,or delayed and there is no one in real life buddy to talk to . All that recurring thoughts are generated and killing myself…

I don’t know if I should consult a psychologist or not. But here again what shall I say to psychologist that I can’t control masturbating :thinking:

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My answer might have been a bit harsh. I didn’t know you have a psychological condition. In general depression can be overcome with help of exercise and meditation. But if it is too much you can consult the doctor.

This is sage advice.

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