Some tips to stop fapping

Research says that it takes around 21 days to firm a habit, it may be good or bad. You cannot break a habit but you can replace it. Humans are sexual in nature. They always look for satisfying their sexual impulses. I have researched a lot about this and here are few of my tips

  1. Avoid taking your phone to the washroom

It triggers the habit part of your brain as hen you take your phone in the bathroom you instantly feel the urge to jerk off and the urge will be so strong that you will go against your will power and convince yourself into doing it.

  1. Avoid using Instagram

While browsing through Instagram you might get the urge and throughout the day this one will be stronger and there are chances you’ll give into it

  1. Start journaling

This might sound cliche but it really helps if you start writing your thoughts in a page or a book and if you continue doing this your mind will remain empty and focus towards your goal

  1. Whenever you get the urge try to do pushups

This concentrates your energy into the physical activity rather than fapping. It is said that energy is never destroyed it is transferred from one form to another. So try doing pushups or writing some things on paper or anywhere else just channelize the energy.

  1. And enjoy the process

Initially it will be difficult but all good things are harder to achieve and you will be happy seeing your accomplishments.

Thanks for reading and stay strong


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