Some explanations on terms

What is relapsed and when does it count as relapsed?
What is PMO?

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from what i know, relapsed is cumming.

PMO is porn, masturbate, orgasm.

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What happened if you have wet dreams? Does it mean you relapsed?

some say that is not a relapsed.

but i tell myself i relapsed and i reset my streak.

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Wet dreams are not relapse

What is relapse?
If you’re on easy mode, only pornography is relapse.
If you are on hard mode porn and even masturbating is a relapse.
If you are on monk mode, even looking at a sexual video and not closing it after 10 seconds is relapse.
(I follow monk mode fyi. I’m on day 56.)

Fantasising is generally not relapse, but if you’re doing it daily, better count it as relapse. I think on my current streak I’ve fantasized thrice, so it’s okay. And I haven’t fantasized in over a month now.


So, the modes? Where can I find more on that? Seems pretty subjective to me, what constitutes relapsed

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I wouldnt because wet dreams are involuntary action, but the physical act is considered relapsed, I think. I’m still new and figurimg out this stuff. *successfully finished 2-day nofap.


Based on what mode you are, yes, it’s subjective. But for each mode, relapse is objective.

Check, though it’s unnecessary to get engossed in the details. Just remember that one form of Nofap allows masturbating and the other does not. Majority of the people here practice the latter.

Also peeking = relapse. No it’s or buts.

Flame on

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I wouldn’t count wet dreams as a relapse as it’s involuntary. You can’t control what your body does all the time.

As Ash said there’s different ways on what counts as a relapse and it all depends how you look at it.